Unique Venues & Programs

JTBGMT offers a number of original programs that take advantage of the expertise and networks of JTB,
Japan's leading DMC, to visit special places that others find difficult to reach.
Whether you are visiting Japan for the first time or returning to visit again and want to know more about Japan,
we offer you a unique experience filled with excitement and joy.

  • The Cave

    Experience the mysterious valley hidden in a subtropical forest in Japan. With a hand lamp, stroll through the scattered sacred sites and ruins and the natural domes formed by collapsed coral caves. After that, a fantastic dinner awaits you at the whimsical Cave Café.

  • The Temple

    Experience the long history of Japan while visiting tranquil ponds and gardens and appreciate the architecture of Buddhist temples and statues of the Buddha in ancient cities like Kyoto and many other places in Japan.
    We assist to make your event extraordinary with Japanese traditional live music.

  • Sumo Hall

    Japanese sumo is an entertainment, a martial art, a sport, and a sacred festival. JTBGMT reserves a table for you at the sacred ringside. Enjoy a leisurely meal and watch the powerful sumo wrestling matches close-up, along with traditional Japanese manners.

  • The Shrine

    At a famous shrine in Japan, enjoy a beautiful performance of Gagaku, traditional Japanese court music, with a tasty dinner in a hall located within the shrine site.

  • Ice Restaurant

    Built with first-rate Swedish craftsmanship, Ice restaurant will transport visitors to a world made entirely of ice and snow. All are invited to see, feel, play, drink, dine and experience the Hokkaido winter wonderland as they never have before.

  • En-nichi Festival

    At the Japanese festival, there are rows of stalls called “Yatai” where you can buy variety of food from and enjoy multiple types of small games. Reproduction of those stalls inside the venue would bring the atmosphere of Japanese traditional Festival!

  • Kitchen Bus

    “Kitchen Bus” is a large-size coach that can turn any location into a special restaurant. Guests can enjoy meals in the open air with beautiful scenery anywhere in Hokkaido.