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Japan offers something for everyone

Whether it be beautiful landscapes, traditional cityscapes, or delicious feasts, there are new discoveries to be found everywhere in Japan.

Planning the Best Itinerary for Your Clients

Tell us what your clients want to see and how many times they've been here, and we'll coordinate the perfect itineraries based on the season, length of stay, and their own desires. Kyoto is of course nice, but hot springs, cherry blossoms and autumn leaves beckon as well.

Tour Packages

Japan’s First Package Tours

As Japan’ s most renowned English guided tour brand since 1964, Sunrise Tours has welcomed more than six million visitors from across the world. Sunrise Tours offers a wide range of tours with a focus on classic, recommended destinations that are perfect for first-time visitors to Japan. These include multi-days tours around Japan, packages combining Shinkansen tickets and hotel accommodations, and one-day tours to famous sights such as Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as the especially popular destinations of Mt. Fuji, Hakone, and Nikko.

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