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An abundance of delicious delights

Enjoy all of the Japanese food has to offer, from dishes that are popular overseas to boisterous pubs or elegant high-class restaurants.


JTBGMT has an extensive list of restaurants that make great venues for parties. Whether you want a traditional atmosphere, a lovely night view of the city, or even a dinner cruise, leave the location to us. Additionally, we can arrange entertainment attractions as well.


While a lighter version of a dinner menu is always available, for the true Japanese experience, we also recommend popular lunch favorites such as beef bowls, hamburger, curry rice, ramen, and pasta.


No matter the size of your group, your budget, or the type of food you're looking for, JTBGMT has the right restaurant for you. You can choose from stylish establishments, popular pubs, restaurants run by famous chefs, or a venue that features entertainment as well as food.


JTBGMT is ready to support and offer recommendations for your after-dinner party plans.


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