The history of our inbound business for visiting Japan from overseas began together with the founding of JTB. This is the history JTBGMT is continuing on without change.


Foundation of the Japan Tourist Bureau

The Japan Tourist Bureau, the predecessor of JTB, was founded with the purpose of attracting and providing services for tourists from overseas. The following year, we established information offices one after another in Japan – Kobe, Shimonoseki, Yokohama, Nagasaki – and 30 major cities overseas. This led to an expansion in business.

Commemorative Photograph in Establishment

Start of sales of tickets for overseas visitors commissioned by the Japanese Government Railway

We started sales in out Tokyo Information Office of “tickets for foreigners.” These were tickets that took into account the needs of tourists from overseas. For example, they were written in both Japanese and English, they had a three month period of validity and it was possible to make a stopover at any time.


Start of sales of Sunrise Tours – Tour Packages for visitors to Japan from overseas

We started sales of Sunrise Tours as the first package travel for foreign visitors in Japan. This has expanded into a wide range of course – from day trips to long-term 16-day tours. With tour guides accompanying visitors on all our courses, we have received a highly favorable reputation by making it possible to visit places that would be difficult to do so as an individual.

Symbol of Sunrise Tour

Handling of the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo


Handling of the Osaka Expo (Japan World Exposition)


Handling of The 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano


Start of business of JTB Global Marketing & Travel

JTB Global Marketing & Travel was created by spinning off the International Tourist Division that had expanded inbound operations in JTB. Taking over the hospitality expertise of overseas tourists with a top class track record in the industry, we decided to expand operations with the core business of our original mission to welcome visitors from abroad to Japan.

Worldwide Partnership Global Marketing&Travel

Handling of the Aichi Expo (Japan World Exposition)


Launch of the luxury travel brand BOUTIQUE JTB


Merger with JTB Asia Tourist Corp. (JTBATC)

We merged with JTBATC. This is a company that is expanding inbound operations centered on the Asian market in our JTB Group. JTBGMT will continue to build an environment where people from around the world are able to even more actively take part in international exchange as the leading destination management company that welcomes visitors from all over the world.


Handling of the Rugby World Cup 2019


Handling of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games


Sunrise Tours 60th  Anniversary 

Setting the theme “New Journeys, New Discoveries - Inspiring Experiences to Last a Lifetime,”
Sunrise Tours continues onward to the next decade.