Japanese hospitality is world famous for its graceful and deep sense of compassion. The gastronomic culture here attracts the world's gourmets. The exciting pop culture expands virtually and in reality ... We will provide the breadth of Japanese style and beauty with fascinating mysteries to suit the purpose of your journey, the profile of the group, and the interests of the participants.

  • Department Store Omotenashi

    Special programs to learn Omotenashi (hospitality spirit) during stay in Japan. Renowned department stores welcome thousands of guests every day/month and have developed own protocol for excellent customer service, which might provide new ideas for you at work.

  • Cooking at Tsukiji Fish Market

    Located in the Tsukiji Outer Market, this is a fun cooking class for those visiting Japan with a selected chef for culinary lectures and the use of the highest quality ingredients from the market. As a pioneer in cooking classes for international visitors, we offer a wide range of programs for individuals, groups, and corporations.

  • Japanese Pop Culture Experience

    We offer a program of direct exposure to popstars, one of the subcultures of Japan.

  • Sword Play Experience

    The Samurai Artist named KAMUI shows performances mixed with beauty of form, acting, and martial arts. In oversea activities, the leader of KAMUI, Tetsuro Shimaguchi choreographed the sword fighting scenes of the movie KILL BILL vol.1, and performed as CRAZY88-MIKI.