Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms



Take in the cherry blossoms and savor the sake in Hannan, Osaka's southernmost city and a natural treasure trove situated between the sea and mountains.

There are many wonderful reasons to visit Hannan: the cherry blossoms in the Yamanakadani Valley, the beach at Hakotsukuri, Hata Shrine, local industries such as fishing, agriculture, and craft sake brewing, a historic district, along with several other facets of historical and cultural interest amid the rich natural surroundings.
Although Hannan City is on the southern edge of Osaka Prefecture, it is conveniently accessible by train: only 40 minutes from downtown Osaka City, 20 minutes from Kansai Airport, and 30 minutes from central Wakayama City.

Sake Brewing Experience at a Renowned Brewery (Participants Get a Free Bottle of Sake!)

Experience what it's like to actually make sake at Osaka's oldest brewery, founded 300 years ago. You can also sample different brews, watch a fascinating video on sake brewing, and join a tour in this officially designated cultural property.

The 1,000 Cherry Blossom Trees of the Yamanakadani Valley

Cherry blossoms paint the historic district pink in spring, when approximately 1,000 somei yoshino cherry blossom trees open their flowers along the Yamanaka River. The quaint scenery of the old Kishu Kaido highway takes on a different form in spring. The cherry blossoms greet you from the moment you hop off the train at Yamanakadani Station. As you stroll the streets, you can also admire the weeping cherry trees at Jifuku-ji Temple. The nighttime illuminations create a fantastical scene around the valley's cherry blossoms, enveloping you in a spectacle of light and color beside the riverbanks. Join exciting events such as the Yamanakadani Valley Cherry Blossom Festival at Wanpaku Okoku, a children's park near JR Yamanakadani Station where admission is free.

The 1,000 Cherry Blossom Trees

Oyster Shucking and Oyster Shack Lunch (Jan-Feb only)

Learn how to crack open fresh oysters harvested from the sea, and then partake in a scrumptious lunch of oyster cuisine at the Oyster Shack. Nishitottori is Hannan's historical seaport where the first oysters in Osaka were farmed, although long ago the port was known as Bodehama.

Yamanakadani Valley Cherry Blossoms and Strawberry Picking in Hannan

Meet English-speaking guide at Kansai Airport.

- The 1,000 cherry blossom trees of the Yamanakadani Valley Tour (late March to mid-April)

- Seafood lunch at hotel in Hannan

- Strawberry picking (December to early May)

- Dinner at hotel or local restaurant

Accommodation Hotel in Hannan
Confectionery Factory and Sake Brewery & Tasting Tours

Depart from the hotel

- Visit a Local factory and enjoy the sweets tasting.  Bean-jam buns called "Anpan" made at the factory is said to be sold every two seconds. 

- Can visit Hongan-ji temple Ozaki Betsuin Temple

- Sushi lunch at a restaurant

- Osaka's oldest sake brewery and tasting sake

- Visit the local specialty shop at Takumi no Ippin (on the 1st floor of the Hannan City Commerce and Industry Hall)