Renewal of Travelife Certified Sustainability Award for JTBGMT and SUNRISE TOURS


JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. (JTBGMT) and its tour brand “SUNRISE TOURS” have renewed the Travelife Certified award on June 04, 2024. The Travelife Certified award is a recognition of our excellence towards social and environmental sustainability. We comply with more than 200 criteria related to sustainability management, office operations, working with suppliers and customer communication. Travelife standards are formally recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), the highest global body for sustainability in tourism, supported by the United Nations.

Travelife is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents: 
(1) Travelife Engaged; (2) Travelife Partner and (3)Travelife Certified.

Currently, only JTBGMT and SUNRISE TOURS have obtained the Travelife Certified in Japan.


Mr. Tsuneo “Tony” Ishida, President and CEO of JTBGMT commented, 
“We are truly honored to have renewed our Travelife Certified award, the highest level of certification. We believe that protecting the environment, preserving nature, culture, history, respecting human rights, and contributing to the sustainable development of society are the foundations for the growth of the tourism industry. Therefore, we view this renewal as both a recognition of our sustainability efforts at the global level and a "starting line towards a new stage". As a leading company in inbound tourism to Japan, we will further accelerate our efforts towards sustainable tourism that benefits the environment, society, and economy, in collaboration with our business partners.“

Travelife is the leading international sustainability certification for the travel sector. Already more than 15 national travel associations promote Travelife among their members. Since 2012, more than 1,500 tour operators have been trained in CSR and more than 500 tour operators have received a Travelife certification.


Moving forward, JTBGMT aims to continue its role as a leading company in promoting sustainable tourism. We are committed to encouraging sustainable and developmental tourism, and wish to lead the way in fostering sustainable practices throughout the tourism industry.

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