Sunrise Tours: Hokkaido AdveNature Route & Northern Japan Discovery Route


JTB Global Marketing & Travel has developed two new inbound tourism routes under the Sunrise Tours package tour brand geared for international visitors. Including the Hokkaido and Northern Japan routes introduced here, Sunrise Tours has developed 5 inbound tourism routes to date, as part of our initiatives for sustainable tourism with the goal of creating an influx of visitors to regions throughout Japan and reducing overtourism.


◆ Hokkaido AdveNature Route Highlights

1. Creating a New Influx of Visitors to Japan across Hokkaido's Vast Lands

This route is offered in 3 tours showcasing Hokkaido's beauty not just in the central area frequented by visitors, but also in the northern and eastern areas including Asahikawa, Biei, Shiretoko, Akanko (Lake Akan), and Kushiro, trips to which can be difficult to arrange on one's own from overseas.

2. Adventure + Nature = "AdveNature" 

Based on the concept of "going on an adventure amidst Hokkaido's grand nature," this route is called the "AdveNature Route." The route integrates nature, cultural experience, and activity, elements of adventure tourism.

◆ Northern Japan Discovery Route Highlights

1. Introducing Travelers to Tohoku, a Region High in Latent Demand

Starting in Sendai, the largest city in Japan's Tohoku region, this route goes northward visiting Hiraizumi, Morioka, Kakunodate, Aomori, and Hirosaki. This route incorporates each area's charm into the itinerary, solving transportation issues and creating an influx of visitors to less frequented areas.

2. Valuable Tours Offering Authentic Experiences

Based on the concept of "tracing Tohoku's culture and craftsmanship," this route focuses on intangible cultural properties that have been passed down through generations in northern Japan. Enjoy authentic experiences and feel the charm of traditional craftwork carefully created with dedication by artisans.


◆ Presenting the 4th and 5th Routes Creating a New Influx of Visitors

The two new routes we have just introduced are the 4th and 5th routes following these routes launched in succession beginning 2022: the Rainbow Route which visits Tokyo, Kanazawa, and Kyoto; the Setouchi Scenic View Route which tours around the Setouchi area; and the Kyushu Authentic Route. From here on, we aim to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and achieve new sustainable tourism by strengthening tour planning in regions following these routes and creating an influx of visitors to more areas.

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