Sunrise Tours: New “Kyushu Authentic Route” Promoting an Influx of International Visitors


In cooperation with Fukuoka City, Kumamoto City, and Kagoshima City, JTB Global Marketing & Travel has created the new “Kyushu Authentic Route”, a package tour under the Sunrise Tours brand geared for international visitors. Expressing the real and genuine, this Authentic Route lets international visitors fully enjoy cultural experiences, gourmet experiences, and activities in Fukuoka City, Kumamoto City, and Kagoshima City as they feel the value of getting a deeper insight into Japan’s history and culture.   

◆ Setting a New Third Route Promoting an Influx of Visitors 

Since last autumn, we at Sunrise Tours have been creating new inbound tourism routes to introduce international travelers to local regions in an effort to reduce overtourism. So far our new routes include the Rainbow Route® announced in autumn last year which visits Tokyo, Kanazawa, and Kyoto; the Setouchi Scenic View Route announced in spring this year which tours around the Setouchi area; and now we are on track to the third route.

◆ Kyushu Authentic Route: Highlights

This route goes around Kyushu in order to promote an influx of visitors to the region.
Go on an Authentic Experience to gain a deeper understanding of the region’s allure.
Experience adventure tourism by cycling around 3 cities in Kyushu.


◆ Tours Lineup

3-Day 2-Night Kyushu History & Tradition Experience Tour (Kagoshima, Kumamoto & Fukuoka)   

3-Day 2-Night Kyushu Scenic Spots Tour by Cycling (Fukuoka, Kumamoto & Kagoshima)

4-Day 3-Night Kyushu Local Gourmet Tour (Kagoshima, Kumamoto & Fukuoka)

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