Grand Sumo Tournament Tours On Sale!


JTB Global Marketing & Travel just launched the January Grand Sumo Tournament tours on “SUNRISE TOURS”
for the first time in three years. The tournament will be held at Ryogoku Kokugikan,

the first grand sumo tournament location, in January 2023.      

Sunrise Tours' sumo tours were highly popular even before the pandemic.

Tour Highlights

On these sumo tours guests will be guided by a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter who is also a sumo fan, and will receive "The Sumo," a booklet about sumo (in English); and Banzuke-hyo, a table of rankings, as a gift! Gain a deeper understanding about sumo, Japan's national sport with around 1,500 years of history, and have a more enjoyable time. Watch the sumo wrestlers' fierce battles from a comfortable reserved seat (2nd floor B chair seating). And as a special perk for Sunrise Tours customers, there will be a group photo with a sumo stable master. (*The cost of purchasing photos is not included in the tour booking charge.)

Tour Lineup
1. Sumo Tour (From Ryogoku)

【Departure Dates】J an. 8 (Sun.) - 22 (Sun.), 2023

2. Sumo Tour & Chanko Hot Pot Dinner (From Ryogoku)
【Departure Dates】 Jan. 10 (Tue.), 11(Wed.), 16(Mon.), 17(Tue.), 2023

3. Sumo Tour & Tokyo Half-day Sightseeing Tour (From Shinjuku)
【Departure Dates】 Jan. 10 (Tue.), 12(Thu.), 14(Sat.), 16(Mon.), 17(Tue.), 19(Thu.), 21(Sat.), 2023


■Tour Information for Travel Agents, please click here

JTBGMT offers these sumo tours as some of its featured tours for international visitors during post-pandemic and as tours related to the sustainable tourism that Sunrise Tour is promoting, providing a chance for visitors to get an up-close experience of Japan's sumo culture known all over the world, as well as creating space for further interaction.