Online Guest Management System

JTB’s original guest management system integrates registration,
accommodation and transportation data, which helps save the organizer time.
Both the organizer and participants can access the system to confirm registration, hotel booking,
card payment, transportation arrangements, attendance at events, optional programs, etc

JTB Online Registration System

The system facilitates smooth communication between participants around the world and significantly reduces cost, time and effort for the organizer.


  • Booking
  • Room allocation
  • Scheduling
  • Pick-up, drop-off/transfer plan
  • Vehicle arrangement
  • Various meals
  • Special menus
    (non-allergenic, vegetarian, religious restrictions, etc.)
Printed material
  • Name tags
  • Convention pamphlets
Event management
  • Attendee management
  • Interpreter booking
Optional program
  • Attendance
  • Interpreters
  • Accommodation fees (by participants)
Data sharing
  • Each participant registers/updates personal data (check in/out date,
    event attendance, food preferences, transportation requests, etc.)
Data download
  • The organizer checks participants’ registration status (accommodations, event attendance, etc.)