Three reasons for choosing JTB GMT

JTB GMT carries on the international tourism services of Japan Tourist Bureau,
the predecessor of JTB, which was founded in 1912 to attract and provide services for tourists
from overseas. For over a century, we have been honing our ability to warmly welcome and serve visitors in Japan.

Unrivaled track record Japan's No. 1 handler of foreign visitors (over 300 events annually)*

*According to a 2013 annual report by the Japan Tourism Agency, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

As Japan's No. 1 handler of foreign visitors, JTB GMT has unrivaled
expertise and hosts over 300 business meetings and incentive trips every year.

Examples of handled events

  • 2014 - 2011
  • 2010-2006
  • 2005-2001


Event Guests
Educational Institution Convention and Ceremony 1,200
38th Session of International Panel on Climate Change 500
World Ophthalmology Congress® (WOC) 2014 in Tokyo 2,700
FICPI World Congress 2014 400
The 18th WCBIP/WCBE 1,500
Motorcycle Manufacturer Business Meeting 900
XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology 1,300
Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 11th Annual Meeting (AOGS 2014) 400
Construction Equipment Manufacturer Business Meeting 100
Event Guests
Tokyo Annual Conference of the International Bar Association 2014 10,000
Financial Institution CSR Event 120
2014 FIFPro General Assembly 150
UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development 2014 1,000
78th IEC General Meeting in Tokyo 2,000
Yokohama Marathon 2014 350
Motorcycle manufacturer Incentive Trip 220
Truck manufacturer Technician Contest 250


Event Guests
Auto manufacturer Latin America and Caribbean region meeting 1,500
World baseball championship 500
World figure skating championship 250
Electric power tools manufacturer incentive trip 140
3GPP Plenary Meeting 2013 800
Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) 3,000
Auto manufacturer incentive trip 290
35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’13) 3,000
Event Guests
Auto manufacturer car art contest 100
8th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting 2013 200
International tennis tournament 200
ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013 3,000
The Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the “Minamata Convention on Mercury” 1,000
Truck manufacturer guest tour 1,000
International marathon event 200
The ASEAN-Japan Commemorative Summit Meeting 200


Event Guests
The 12th annual World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit 1,200
International Commission on Large Dams 1,200
World championship of women's soccer (U-20) 300
Auto manufacturer car art contest 50
The Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank 2012 12,000
Event Guests
Auto manufacturer world congress 300
World championship of soccer club teams 700
The Fukushima Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Safety 1,000
Auto manufacturer Latin America and Caribbean region meeting 1,400


Event Guests

Marathon event (Tokyo)

XXIII Congress of the International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2,000
The 10th World Open Karate Tournament 550
Event Guests
Credit card company world congress in Ishikawa 500
World championship of soccer club teams 700


Event Guests
Marathon event (Tokyo) 30,000
Legend of the Seas(Cruise Tour) 1,800
World championship of soccer in South Africa 1,200
Event Guests
5th world university baseball championship 250
14th International Congress of Immunology 3,000
2010 APEC leaders meeting in Yokohama 10,000


Event Guests
Marathon event (Tokyo) 30,000
Event Guests
Credit card company world congress in Miyazaki 380


Event Guests
G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit + Ministers' Meetings 1,000
Student ambassador program 680
15th International Congress of Dietetics 2,500
Auto manufacturer world congress 300
Machinery maker incentive trip 130
Motor maker dealer trip 120
International Plastic Fair 200
32nd Asian Racing Conference 750
Event Guests
International Jewellery Tokyo 300
Music event 500
Precision instruments maker anniversary event 890
Institute of Education anniversary event 2,600
Pharmaceutical company meeting 200
Marathon event (Tokyo) 30,000
Soccer event 500


Event Guests
Shore excursion 1,000
ICN 2007 3,000
The 40th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank 3,000
Cycling tour 500
Mode Exhibition Event 12,000
34th Physiological Society 250
F1 Tour 400
AOCOG2007 1,000
Mariner shorex Sep 2007 400
Event Guests
Auto manufacture incentive tour 200
Auto manufacture journalist trip 493
61st Congress of the International Fiscal Association Kyoto 1,300
Sports event 300
Sports event 30,000
Food event 8,000


Event Guests
Auto manufacturer convention 600
Pharmaceutical company kick off meeting 1,500
International Exchange Program for Students 300
The 16th International Microscopy Congress 2,000
Auto manufacturer dealer trip 170
Financial company off-site meeting 450
Financial company world congress 450
JIMTOF2006 1,000
Sports event 500
Event Guests
Sports event 35,000
Auto manufacturer incentive trip 104
Auto manufacturer dealer convention 600
ABCDE TOKYO 2006 200
Machinery maker incentive trip 115
Tire dealer incentive 50
Pharmaceutical industry study tour 300
Sports event sponsorship company tour 40


Event Guests
Sports event 500
Auto manufacturer dealer trip 400
Auto manufacturer world congress 1,300
Pharmaceutical company sales meeting 2,300
WBCSD Council Meeting 300
18th International Forging Congress 720
17th International Jewellery Tokyo 300
Event Guests
Insurance company incentive tour 300
Music event 1,000
Auto manufacturer incentive tour 160
Sports event 350

Auto manufacturer dealer trip



Event Guests
Auto manufacturer dealer incentive tour 450
Financial company world congress 500
Sports event 500
Pharmaceutical company study tour 373
29th IRU World Congress 1,500
Sports event 100
The 69th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society 2,000
IJT 2005 500
Event Guests
Intercoiffure World comgress Tokyo 2004 1,300
World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems 2004 5,000
Auto manufacture dealer trip 230
Auto manufacturer marketing convention 400
Sports event 350
Sports event 100
Sports event 500


Event Guests
Auto manufacturer world congress 1,000
22nd World Gas Conference in Tokyo 5,200
Sports event 300
Sports event 100
Auto manufacturer journalist trip 70
Music event 1,000
Sports event 100
Event Guests
Auto manufacturer sales contest 320
Pharmaceutical company tour for meeting 190
Auto manufacturer global executive meeting 20
Medical equipment company incentive tour 141
Sports event 400
The 89th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology 1,594
IUGG 2003 1,753


Event Guests
Food manufacturer tour for world cup 200
IT company tour for world cup 250
Beverage manufacturer hospitality program 750
The Third World Water Forum 800
The 8th International Energy Forum 500
EAIC 290
Opera performance for the Japan concerts 280
Auto manufacturer dealer trip 60
Event Guests
Sports event 150
Financial company global meeting 400
IHA 2002 KYOTO 1,000
International organization event 280
Telecom Carrier Tour for World Cup 130
Sports event 700
12th World Congress of Psychiatry in Yokohama 2,300


Event Guests
Auto manufacturer dealer trip 300
Auto manufacturer world congress 900
Sports event 150
Auto manufacturer dealer incentive trip 206
Sports event 100
IADR 3,500
International organization world congress 150
Event Guests
Pharmaceutical company international conference 140
Sports event 100
IJT2002 500
Cruise passenger hangling 236
SUBOPTIC2001 1,500
PIARC International Winter Road Congress 2,200
  • 2014 - 2011
  • 2010-2006
  • 2005-2001

Comprehensive customized support For planning and operation

Integrated online guest management

JTB GMT provides coherent management of all operations from tour planning and preparation to implementation and settlement. We save you time and effort through one-stop solutions that include outsourcing of administrative tasks such as communicating with hotels and event venues, sending of invitations and attendance management.

Omotenashi hospitality by professional guide interpreters

JTB GMT is proud to employ 480 certified guides who are fluent in eight languages; English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese. All of our guide interpreters must pass JTB’s original qualification test and update their skills through additional training each year to provide top-quality service. Our staff specialists facilitate on-site operation services such as VIP attendance, logistic management, dispatch of vehicles and receptionist assistance.

Plans are created by inbound travel specialists

JTB GMT provides planning and handling services for nearly 80% of international conferences in Japan and is involved in assisting nearly 54% of all inbound travelers to Japan. As a leading destination management company with an overwhelming share of the Japanese market, many of our staff members specialize in the handling of inbound travelers and plan original itineraries that match client needs.

Accommodations and transportation that match client needs

JTB GMT flexibly proposes a wide range of appropriate accommodations, transportation choices and services of various prices to meet client needs during their visit in Japan.

JTB’s vast service network A global network of
partners and services

JTB's global network consists of 163 offices in 100 cities in 36 countries and regions around the world.
By taking advantage of this vast pool of resources, JTB GMT smoothly and quickly meets customer needs.

A broad alliance of facilities and services in Japan

Our inbound travel specialists propose diverse options from our rich alliance of facilities and services and book nearby
facilities for large-scale events in advance. By all means, take advantage of the JTB Group's wide range of networks and services.

Domestic facilities/services
Hotels/ryokans 6,800
Inbound-rate accommodations 1,500
Rooms available exclusively for visitors from abroad Approx. 3,500
Tourist spots Approx. 1,700
sites nationwide
Restaurants 2,700
Bus companies 950
Hired vehicle companies 570
Educational programs (SIT) 200

*As of September 2015