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Reponsible Tourism

JTBGMT realizes Responsible & Sustainable Tourism

As Japan’s leading Destination Management Company, JTB Global Marketing & Travel (JTBGMT) promotes cultural exchange through travel to Japan and contributes to the development of local societies and travel related organizations.

Japan is proud of its culture, tradition, customs, and natural beauty. JTBGMT aims to ensure that its natural environment, historical and cultural heritages are passed on the future generations by creating tours that provide the opportunity to “touch”, “discover”, and “learn about” their appeal.

Our Credo

In order to maintain the appeal of Japan so it will continue to be loved as it currently is:

  1. We will honor and preserve regional culture and natural beauty
  2. We will work to reduce our impact on regional ecosystems
  3. We will do our best to make exchanges between people an effective stimulus of local societies and economies

Our component - sample

  • Farm stay or farm visit for giving back to the community
  • Carbon Offset program
  • Mountain trekking/ Bird Watching as a pro-environment behavior
  • Technical visit to current eco-friendly facilities or plants
  • Ecology study at Mt. Fuji


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