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  • Sakura Forecast in Japan

    Sakura Forecast in Japan

    In Japan, the annual cherry blossom forecast is seen as a harbinger of spring.
    Every year, the Japan Meteorological Agency releases its forecast of when the cherry trees are expected to blossom across the country.
    This map shows when, on average, the blossoms will open in each region. Please be aware that actual dates may vary from year to year depending on weather conditions.
  • World Heritage in Japan

    World Heritage in Japan

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Heading for destination area

Heading for destination area

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Japan is rich in every way. Blessed with abundant nature with four distinct seasons, there are wonderful landscapes all over the Japan. Being at the forefront of modern technology and at the same time possessing cultural and historical depth, traditional and modern cultures coexist. Wide variety of accommodations and gourmet, travel plans can be designed as you desire. Diversity of Japan makes Japan unique.

Japan is safe, clean and polite. Crime rate is exceptionally low. Public transport has extensive network which committed to punctuality and cleanness allowing comfortable access to major cities. Japanese are very attentive that their services are done with the greatest sincerity. Hospitality of Japan makes Japan different.

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