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Environmental Protection

Environmental Declaration

JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. aims for a sustainable recycling society by adopting care towards the precious natural environment and taking maximum consideration towards protection of the global environment as its basic principles for the sincere promotion of tourism-related corporate activities.

Environmental Principles and Standards

  1. JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. will promote ecotourism. By providing high-quality products and services with attention towards the natural environment and history and culture, we will provide our customers with an opportunity to get in touch with attractive local resources as well as contribute to the vitalization of the local economy and the protection of resources.
  2. JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. will do its best to cut down and recycle resources as much as possible upon executing its business, beginning with the reduction of the usage and disposal of brochures.
  3. JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. will contribute to the enhancement of environmental consciousness amongst society by executing environmental protection activities.

The JTB Brighter Earth Project

The JTB Brighter Earth Project is a JTB Group CSR activity in which JTB Group employees cooperate with customers and the people of the surrounding area in order to create a bright future. JTB Global Marketing & Travel held “The JTB Brighter Earth Project: Water Sprinkling 2018 Event” at Tennozu Isle, Shinagawa Ward, where the company is located. For 2018, we also held on the same day “GMT Summer Vacation Kids’ Observation Day”, an event in which the children of our employees come to see our workplace. The children cheerfully enjoyed sprinkling the roads with water recycled in Tokyo while learning about environmental conservation.



Certified “Eruboshi” 2 Stars Based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, JTB Global Marketing & Travel has certified 2 Stars on the “Eruboshi” excelling corporation scale from the Minister of Health、Labour and Welfare.

Contributing to JATA Environmental Fund’s Employee Fund-Raising

We contribute every year to the employee fund-raising of the JATA Environmental Fund, which the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) established with the aim of protecting and conserving natural and cultural heritage sites. For 2018, we held “GMT Marché”, an in-house flee market where all sales were donated to the JATA Environmental Fund.

Achievement in Plastic Bottle Cap Collection: Reached Total of 200,000 Caps!

The JTB Global Marketing & Travel Labor Union has been leading the collection of plastic bottle caps within the company. As of August 2018, we cumulated a total of 200,000 caps. Due to this, we have contributed to a 1,500 kg reduction in CO2.

Visas for Life: A Transaction between Hearts Over 76 Years

During World War II, the Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara issued “visas for life” in order to save Jewish lives. Equipped with the visas, many Jewish crossed the Continent and arrived in Japan, from where they escaped to other parts of the world to survive. It was Japan Tourist Bureau, now the JTB Group, that undertook their transportation on ship from the Continent to Japan.

Deborah and Shelley, the two daughters of Sonia Reed, one of those refugees, came to visit us at the JTB Global Marketing & Travel office as we have taken over inbound services from Japan Tourist Bureau. See the summary of the visit here.

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