Beautiful Sea of Okinawa

Beautiful Sea of Okinawa

Shureimon Gate, Shurijo Castle

Shureimon Gate, Shurijo Castle

Okinawa’s subtropical charms set it apart from any other region of Japan. There are plenty of experiences that can only be done in Okinawa. Relax on the beautiful beach and enjoy the everlasting summer on the island!

Welcome to Okinawa

Welcome to Okinawa!!
- Meet & Greet at Naha airport

Welcome Garden Dinner
- An authentic style Okinawa Buffet, offering a great variety of Okinawa local favorite dishes
 Beverage including Okinawa’s local Sake, AWAMORI
- Entertainment: Ryukyu Folk Dance and Ryukyu Music

Accommodation Hotel in OKINAWA
Shurijo Castle

Explore Okinawa by private chartered coach with guide

- Shurijo Castle The vivid vermillion Shurijo

Castle tells the story of the great history and culture of this proud Ryukyu Kingdom. Shurijo Castle Site was registered as a World Heritage in December 2000.

- Gyokuseido Kingdom
Theme park of traditional arts and crafts of Okinawa with tropical fruit trees constructed at Gyokusendo Cave.

Return to the hotel and free at leisure until dinner Dinner in the Hotel

Accommodation Hotel in OKINAWA
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Explore Okinawa by private chartered coach with guide

- Experience the Okinawa’s traditional Ceramic Art Making
Shisa, the Lion-shaped Ornament Shisa is the Okinawa’s famous amulet roof ornament.

- Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium  
One of the most popular destinations in Okinawa. Don't miss the whale sharks!

Farewell Party at Valley of Gangala "Cave Cafe"
Cocktail at the natural cave Enjoy the condensed exotic Okinawa!!

Accommodation Hotel in OKINAWA
Leave Okinawa

Free at leisure until check-out time

Transfer to Naha airport and checking-in the domestic flight for Haneda/Kansai Int’l/ Narita Int’l Airport