G7 summit venue experience, traditional puppet show and lunch with ama-san women divers

G7 summit venue experience,
traditional puppet show
and lunch with ama-san women divers
2 Days 1 Night

The city of Shima is one of only four places in Japan to have hosted a G7 summit. Almost the entire city is within a national park and the stunning nature offers what can be described as quintessential Japanese landscapes. The way people and nature coexist here is unparalleled in Japan, making Shima a fascinating place to visit.

Among this wealth of nature are opportunities for many captivating experiences unique to the area, including lunch served by still active ama-san women divers, a culture that is now a designated Japan Heritage, and a puppet show that is also a traditional performing art.

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  • Relish a special dinner based on the menu of the 2016 G7 summit and prepared by a chef who actually served the G7 country leaders at the hotel where the summit was held.
  • Tour the G7 Summit Memorial Hall, which displays the summit’s actual round table and chairs, as well as gifts given to the G7 leaders.
  • Take in spectacular views of Kashiko Island, the venue of the G7 summit, from an observation deck.
  • Lunch on fresh ingredients from Shima prepared by ama-san women divers.
  • Enjoy the Anori Puppet Show, a must-see performance that is held only once a year.


Day 1

G7 summit experience that utilizes precious resources unique to Shima

Meet the guide at your hotel lobby at 14:40 and travel about 20 minutes by private vehicle to Yokoyama Observation Deck. After enjoying the scenery, head to the G7 Summit Memorial Hall to view exhibits actually used at the 2016 summit, such as the round table and chairs, and gifts given to the G7 leaders. Later, take a stroll around the site. Return to your hotel around 17:30 for an hour’s rest. At 18:40, leave your hotel by private vehicle and head to Shima Kanko Hotel, the summit’s venue. From 19:00, enjoy a special dinner inspired by the G7 summit. After dinner, return to your hotel.

Day 2

Lunch prepared by ama-san women divers and a special puppet show

Meet your guide at the lobby of your hotel at 10:30 and travel about 30 minutes by private vehicle to the Anori Puppet Show venue. The one-hour puppet show is held only once a year.

After the show, enjoy a special lunch with ama-san divers. Follow your guide to the nearby lighthouse grounds , a 10-minute walk away. Surrounded by nature, savor a lunch that makes full use of locally sourced ingredients that are even used in the Imperial kitchens.

In the picturesque grounds of the lighthouse, enjoy the luxury of fresh Shima seafood grilled over a charcoal fire by ama-san divers. This is the only place in Japan where ama-san culture, now a designated Japan Heritage, can be experienced. Listen to the stories of the sea from ama-san divers still practicing this traditional method of fishing.

After lunch, which lasts about 1.5 hours, return to your hotel by private vehicle.

*Day 1 and Day 2 can be combined into a one-day itinerary.

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