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Where is this?
Up-and-Coming Destination:
Hita Onsen in Kyushu!

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Onsen (hot springs) are an essential part of Japan, and Kyushu must be one of the regions that boasts the most famous onsen. But wait a second -- where is this picture from? Have you ever seen it before? For details, see below! We'll keep on introducing onsen across Japan that are less known but just as charming. Stay tuned!

Where is this? Up-and-Coming Destination: Hita Onsen in Kyushu!
Just an hour's drive from Fukuoka city and you will arrive at Hita Onsen, right beside Mikuma River in Oita Prefecture. Hita Onsen is upcoming distination in Kyushu. What makes staying here so unique and charming must be the dinner cruises on a houseboat floating on Mikuma River, and the cormorant fishing that takes place here. Among Hita's hot springs are the famous Amagase Onsen, which boasts a 1300-year history, and many hidden baths surrounded by nature. Walking through the old historic townscape of Kumamachi and Mamedamachi on the riverside is also recommended.

Professional Servise for Muslim Travelers
In keeping with the increase in overseas tourists to Japan, JTBGMT are meeting the demands of all kinds of customers from all over the world. For example, we make meticulous arrangements for Muslim tourists so they can feel at ease and enjoy their stay in Japan.

What's Sunrise Tours?
Sunrise Tours is a package brand which specializes in tours for overseas visitors to Japan. With a history of over 50 years, Sunrise Tours has welcomed over 7.5 million visitors to Japan. Our lineup currently includes over 2,000 tours visiting places all throughout Japan, meticulously tailored by our planning team to meet the needs of both first-time and repeat visitors (Digital Brochures and Flyers). We recommend to propose it as an optional tour for both group and FIT. If you are a Genesis user, you can book it on online.
Unforgettable GOLF in Japan!
Do you know Hokkaido? Located on the north end of Japan, Hokkaido boasts a majestic landscape. Amidst its rich natural environment are many splendid golf courses. After golf, enjoy feasting on crab and Hokkaido's many other delicacies.
Let's play golf in Hokkaido!

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