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Cherry Blossom Special Edition
Now is the time to book for the Japanese cherry blossom season! First come, first served. Booking has begun for almost all hotels and inns for April and May. Check Genesis as soon as you can. If you don't hurry, the popular but limited hotels and inns will have few rooms left. Book a cherry blossom viewing tour at the same time you book your room. Last year, the popular courses sold out quickly. We recommend booking early.

KW 桜カレンダー


The best season for seeing the cherry blossoms in Tokyo and Kyoto is usually from the end of March to early April, but they can sometimes be seen in full bloom a little earlier or later.

Cherry blossoms are only in full bloom for a week, but they do not bloom all at once across the country.
If you go to different places at different times, you can enjoy cherry blossoms along with scenery that is different from that of Tokyo and Kyoto. If you are knowledgeable about Japan, perhaps you should go at a different time than usual and see some new cherry blossom views.


Famous spot in Hokkaido. The view from the tower of 1,600 cherry trees surrounding the rare star-shaped castle walls is magnificent. The scenery with the petal-filled moat is also spectacular.

■Ideal overnight location:Hakodate

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Yunokawa Onsen
Best viewing time starts in May


Famous spot in Tohoku. The samurai-style streets that have not changed since long ago are covered in weeping cherry trees that sway like weeping willows. On the river bed right next to the streets, there is a 2-km stretch of Yoshino cherry trees. You can enjoy both varieties at the same time.

■Ideal overnight location:Lake Tazawa

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Or-Lake Tazawa,
Tamagawa Hot Spring
-Lake Tazawa Highlands,
Nyuto Hot Spring Village
Best viewing time is around the end of April

Matsuyama Castle(Ehime)

Famous spot in Shikoku. Recommended as a place to see a castle and cherry blossoms together. If you go up to the castle, you can see a view of the calm Inland Sea sprinkled with floating islands.

■Ideal overnight location:Dogo

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-Dogo Onsen Area
Matsuyama Castle(Ehime)
Blooms a little earlier than Tokyo

Even if you decide to stay mostly in Tokyo, if you go and visit the suburbs for just one night, the cherry blossom blooming period is very different. Please recommend it to the customer along with a hot spring inn experience.

JAPAN 桜カレンダー


Access from Tokyo:
About 90 min. by JR Tokaido Line local train or about 40 min. on JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line to Odawara Sta. plus 5 min. by JR local train.
Treasure trove of small premium Japanese inns brimming with unique character

■Ideal overnight location:Yugawara

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Blooms a little earlier than Tokyo


Access from Tokyo:
We recommend using the Tobu Railway Nikko All Area Pass. About 2 hours from Asakusa
Hot spring village covered in cherry blossoms. Walk around with a cherry blossom map.

■Ideal overnight location:Kinugawa

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-Kinugawa Onsen/
kwaji Onsen
The best time to see it is just when the cherry blossom season is ending in Tokyo.

Niigata Takada Castle

Access from Tokyo:
About 2 hours to Joetsumyoko Station on the JR Hokuriku Shinkansen
There is a shuttle bus departing from the hot spring village for night viewing of the cherry blossoms.

■Ideal overnight location:Myoko kogen

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-Myoko kogen
Niigata Takada Castle(Niigata)
The best time to see it is just when the cherry blossom season is ending in Tokyo.
Tour Promotion

Fuji's Best Cherry Blossom Spots Tour plus All-you-can-eat Strawberry Picking

Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji

Located 2 hours away from Tokyo, there are several famous spots for cherry blossoms in the Mt. Fuji area ,for example, like Arakurayama Sengen Park. During this time of year, you can enjoy the sight of cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji covered in snow.
Yamanashi Prefecture is famous for being a ‘Fruit Kingdom.’ Take part in an all-you-can-eat strawberry picking of deliciously sweet strawberries.
Departs from : Tokyo Service Code: BUS1J01311MKA
Apr. 1 - 22 : Daily Time:8:15 ~ 18:40 ¥10,900

Tokyo's Best Cherry Blossom Spots Tour & Sumida River Night-time Cherry Blossom Cruise

Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower

This tour includes not only visiting best cherry blossom spots in Tokyo, but also boarding a Sumida River cherry blossom viewing boat in the evening for a nighttime cruise.
Departs from : Tokyo Service Code: BUS1J01211MKS
Mar.21 - Apr.8 : Daily Time:8:50 ~ 19:00 ¥14,000

Tokyo's Best Cherry Blossom Spots Tour

Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower

Visit Tokyo's most popular cherry blossom viewing sites on this 1-day bus tour. The tour includes visits to some of Japan's most famous cherry blossom viewing sites including Showa Kinen Park and Shinjuku Gyoen, as well as sightseeing around some of Tokyo's most iconic landmarks such as Tokyo Tower. Also, board a Sumida River cherry blossom viewing boat in the evening for a nighttime cruise. For lunch enjoy an authentic meal of Japanese cuisine at traditional-style restaurant Mumonan.
Departs from : Tokyo Service Code: BUS1J01911MKS
Mar.21-Apr.15: Daily Time:8:50 ~ 16:40 ¥11,000

Guided Walk to Tokyo's Best Cherry Blossom Spots & Sumida River Nighttime Cherry Blossom Cruise

Sumida River
Sumida River

Enjoy seeing Japanese cherry blossoms on this guided tour to Ueno Park, selected as one of the top 100 cherry blossom spots in Japan. Also, board a Sumida River cherry blossom viewing boat in the evening for a nighttime cruise . Cherry blossoms bloom brilliantly on both sides of the Sumida River. Also, on board savor a light bento box meal made specially for this cruise from the long-established Japanese restaurant "Asakusa Imahan." and 1 drink.
Departs from : Tokyo Service Code: GDT1J02021MKS
Mar.21 - Apr.8: Daily Time:13:30 ~ 17:00 ¥7,900

1-Day Kyoto Cherry Blossom Tour


Visit famous cherry blossom spots in Kyoto to enjoy the ancient capital in spring.
Admire the montage of Kyoto's World Heritage temples, traditional streets and cherry blossoms.
Departs from : Kyoto Service Code: BUS1N55001NNS
Mar.26-Apr.14:Mon.,Wed.,Sat. Time:9:05 ~ 16:30 ¥10,000

Nara Cherry Blossom Viewing Tour at World Heritage Site Mount Yoshino (Round-trip from Osaka)

Mt. Yoshino
Mt. Yoshino

Approximately 30,000 cherry trees from 200 varieties cover the slopes and valleys of this scenic area, which boasts picturesque views. Here it's said that a thousand cherry trees can be seen with just a single glance.
The best time for cherry blossom viewing is particularly long at Mount Yoshino, as trees begin blossoming at the base of the mountain, gradually moving upwards over the course of about 1 month. Here you'll find the symbol of Mount Yoshino, Kimpusen-ji Temple. The main hall is one of the largest wooden structures in Japan.
Departs from : Osaka Service Code: GDT1N54101NNS
Apr.2-13:Mon.-Fri. Time:9:03 ~ 18:00 ¥18,500
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