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Rime ice (Juhyo) is a natural phenomenon where trees are covered with snow and ice making them look like snow monsters standing in the forest. Snow Monster Tree Illumination Viewing in Zao is reputed worldwide for its beauty. Riding on the snowmobile "Nightcruiser", you can experience the night spectacle of the lighted Juhyo. We recommend 4 convenient hotels for the illusion tour.

Recommended hotels

Miyamaso Takamiya

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- Zao Onsen
Opened in 1716, this long-standing ryokan situated in Zao Onsen is reaching 300 years of operation. Guests can enjoy a blissful time in 7 different types of bathtubs filled with hot spring water constantly flowing directly from the source and savor delicious Zao cuisine using fresh, seasonable ingredients.


Hotel Lucent Takamiya

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- Zao Onsen
The hotel’s bathing facilities include an open-air cypress wood bath and rock bath. For dinner, guests can look forward to a variety of local dishes prepared as traditional kaiseki cuisine. Free admission to affiliate bathing facilities. 


Zao Kokusai Hotel

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- Zao Onsen
A certified and approved 5-Star lodging! Premium Twin Rooms opened in July 2018! This lodging features the highly popular Hachiemon-no-Yu, a dynamic high-ceilinged hot spring constructed entirely from cypress.


Mogami Takayu Zenshichi no Yu
(Formerly: Zao Onsen Ohira Hotel)

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- Zao Onsen
This hotel boasts four 5-star reservable open-air baths using hot spring water constantly flowing directly from the source (all free of charge). Guests can also savor seasonal cuisine prepared with local ingredients. Relax and have a wonderful time with friends, family, and even pets.

Recommended tours

Tohoku Snow Monsters "Juhyo Illusion Corridor" Night Tour via Snowcat in Zao, Yamagata (17:00/20:00 Departure)

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[ Tour Schedule ] Dec. 22, 2018 - Mar. 3, 2019

1. Trees covered in snow and ice, known as "Snow Monsters," are beautiful, natural works of art created by the unique conditions on Mt. Zao. Get lost in a fantasy world created by swathes of illuminated Snow Monsters at night--an experience completely different from seeing their dazzling-white appearance during the day.
2. The heater-equipped, special Nightcruiser snowmobile gives passengers a great experience of the illuminated Snow Monster trees and Zao scenery. * The ride lasts around 30 minutes, and about 5 minutes will be allotted for customers to alight and take pictures at the viewing point, but the time spent outside may be changed depending on the weather and temperature.
3. This tour is typically available for booking within 7 days of the tour date when there are open seats on group tours, but bookings on this plan are available earlier than 7 days before departure.
4. Customers have the option to use snow jackets and snow boots. Please make a request during reception at Zao Ropeway on the day of the tour. *May be unavailable as numbers are limited.

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