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Best Travel Arrangement to Japan 09/28/2017
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At the end of the Summer, the days are getting shorter and the air is cooler. We can feel that Autumn is coming. This time, we would like to recommend 1-Day tour products from Tokyo to Kanto-area. You will enjoy red leaves, hot springs, snow and skiing both on Autumn and Winter and those places are suitable for parent-child tour. When you travel to Tokyo, be sure to go to the surrounding Kanto area.

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The hotel's open-air panoramic bath reopened after renovations in February 2017. This hotel is located on the side of Mt. Tsukuba, one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains, and offers great views. (From 22,600 JPY) more

Minakami Kogen Hotel 200 (Gunma-city)

This Western-style resort hotel offers sports facilities such as golf, tennis, and skiing for guests' leisure and enjoyment. Surrounded by the Minakami Highlands.
(From 16,800 JPY) more

Hotel Sunvalley Nasu (Tochigi-city)

Offering a wide range bathing facilities and a buffet menu featuring a selection of dishes prepared using various seasonal ingredients. (From 21,700 JPY)
Tour Introduction
Okutama Autumn Leaf Viewing, Persimmon-drying Village Visit with Persimmon-picking & Crab Hot Pot Lunch (BUS1J00711MKA)
9,980 JPY
Walking Saitama with Street Food: Kawagoe 'Ancient Edo' Walking Tour (GDT1J00701MMS)
7,500 JPY
This 1-day bus tour will go autumn leaf viewing in Okutama, an area difficult to visit on one's own. Enjoy picking persimmons, the fruits of the season, and savor some sumptuous crab hot pot for lunch! Kawagoe is a prosperous castle town known as 'Little Edo.' Here visitors can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of the town's streets and buildings and feel like they've traveled back in time to Japan ages ago.
more more
Fuji Shibazakura & Tulip Flower Festival plus All-you-can-eat Strawberry Picking (BUS1J01221MKA)
9,980 JPY
Hakone Owakudani & Mt. Fuji Panorama (Return by Motorcoach) (BUS1J02911MKS)
12,000 JPY
This tour will visit the Fuji Shibazakura (moss phlox) and Tulip festivals which showcase the flowers blooming in full glory with Mt. Fuji standing in the background. a variety of fun with the popular all-you-can-eat strawberry picking. Hugely popular! See vast panoramic views from Fuji-Q Highland’s "Fuji Airways" attraction. Take a seat and watch the gigantic screen as it rolls out seasonal landscapes of Japan's iconic peak on this fascinating virtual flight.

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