Hirosaki Park

Hirosaki Park

Samurai district, Kakunodate

Samurai district, Kakunodate

This tour takes you to various must-see spots all over Tohoku. Enjoy off the beaten track, particularly spectacular combination of historical buildings and cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms bloom later than in the Tokyo metropolitan area.


Meet English speaking guide at Sendai Station

-Sendai(Aoba) castle

Gyutan(beef tounge) Lunch at local restaurant

-Matsushima sightseeing cruise
-Nathional tresure, Zuiganji Temple

Arrive at hotel in Sendai
Welcome dinner at hotel restaurant

Accommodation Hotel in SENDAI
Chusonji Temple, Morioka and Lake Tazawa

Depart hotel by coach with English speaking guide for Hiraizumi

-World Heritage Site, Chusonji Temple (Don't miss Konjikidō Golden Hall)

Wanko-soba Lunch in Morioka
Try the unique way of eating soba in Iwate prefecture.

-Morioka Handmade Village: Senbei making experience

Transfer to Lake Tazawa
Check-in to the hotel near the lake

Enjoy Akita local food buffet You will meet NAMAHAGE, folklore demons of this area!

Accommodation Hotel near Lake Tazawa
Cherry blossom viewing at Kakunodate and Hirosaki

Visit Samurai Residence in Kakunodate

🌸Enjoy cherry blossoms with  historical Samurai Residence

Transfer to Hirosaki
-Tsugaru-han Neputa Village
Lunch: Enjoy short concert of Tsugaru Shamisen

-Hirosaki Castle Park
🌸Cherry Blossom Festival will be held from late April to early May.

Check-in to the hotel and dinner at hotel

Accommodation Hotel in HIROSAKI
Oirase Gorge

Depart hotel by coach with English speaking guide

-Oirase Gorge

Transfer to Shin-Aomori Station or Aomori airport