Takada town

Takada town

Sake Barrel

Sake Barrel

Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture: Visiting Traditions and Culture that have remained unchanged to this day

Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, is proud of its traditional culture and local history represented by the castle town of Takada, as well as foods nurtured by the rich nature and seafood from the surrounding sea. Niigata Rice is grown in fertile land and melted snow, and the city has also the largest number of sake breweries in Japan. We will guide you through two special activities: a plan to relive the history and culture of Joetsu Takada with ryotei restaurant, movie theater, and its streets, and a plan to enjoy the mariage with sake at a sake brewery, where you can feel the history and people's lifestyle and culture of Joetsu.

>Joetsu Tourism and Convention Association

Takada World Theater

Takada World Theater was built in 1911 and is the oldest movie theater in Japan. Inspired by the western style, the local carpenters during that time created a unique blend of Japanese and Western architecture.

Because it is close to the sea, Takada has had a thriving fish wholesale business since the Edo period. As a result, many "ryotei" and "kappo" style restaurants in Takada served fish-based cuisines.

"Ryotei" style restaurant


We will visit a local brewery that has been in business for over 200 years to learn about the history and manufacturing methods of sake brewing in Joetsu, Niigata. We will share you how sake is made to go with food, and you will also see the sustainable aspects such as making effective use of sake lees.

The Joetsu area has a climate suited to “fermented foods”. The region is blessed with abundant nature and also a treasure trove of ingredients such as wild plants, vegetables, and seafood.

Joetsu “fermented foods”

Takada, a historical town : Experience the nightlife of a castle town with more than a century old ryotei restaurant and movie theater

Afternoon: Takada Sekaikan

・Private use of Takada Sekaikan, the oldest movie theater in Japan

<Backyard and building tours; including a tour of the projection room, a lecture on sake and food mariage, and watching a documentary film “Kanpai! For the Love of Sake” >

-Go to Ryotei by taxi-

Early-evening:  Dinner at Ryotei

・Episode talks about 100 years of ryotei culture, historical figures, and the royal family, tour of the restaurant, Kaiseki cuisine dinner which is adopting locally production for local consumption

<Experience making "Temari Sushi" and a cooking lecture from the chef >

Accommodation Hotel in Joetsu City
Experience the mariage of sake and food nurtured by Joetsu's climate

Morning or Afternoon :  Joetsu Sake Brewery

・Sake brewery tour

<Tour of the brewery in a snow country, lecture on the history of brewery, brewing methods, and sake brewing that goes hand in hand with food. >

・Original label bottle making experience      

<Taste the sake and create an original label for the sake of your choice. >

・Sake tasting and food tasting experience      

<Tasting Joetsu's local cuisine using sake lees and vegetables grown under the snow>

・Picture taking, Buying souvenirs, etc.