Narita Airline Connection Service
Tokyo-Narita Heli Direct
Speedy and comfortable flight by helicopter between Narita Airport and Tokyo.

If you charter a helicopter at MCAS, we may provide you a swift flight, star ting from ARK Hills Heliport to your destination wherever you wish. The most popular course named “Tokyo- Narita Heli Direct” may transfer you from Tokyo to Narita in about 20 minutes.
And also, we may offer more various courses, not only “On-demand Charter” which can transfer you anywhere and anytime, but also “SKY Charter Cruise” which you may look over the beautiful view of metropolis.
In spring, we can arrange a course, seeing cherry blossoms in full bloom from above, or in summer, we can guide you to Fireworks event from the air which is so exciting. We also recommend excursions to see the spectacular view of Mt.Fuji, or cruising above the cit y to view brilliant Christmas illuminations.

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