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BOUTIQUE JTB's certified guides have a wealth of information on places to visit based on their long experience on the job. There is no better source for recommendations on places to visit and things to do while in Japan.

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Sumiyo Terai  【Ms.】
I have been working as a tour guide over 15 years. Through this job, I have traveled almost all prefectures of Japan. Our country has a lot of different aspects to explore. I would like to share such diversities with visiting guests.
Area of specialty:
Japanese history, culture, education, cooking, and wineries Certified tea ceremony instructor
Recommended places to visit:
Traditional places such as Kanazawa, Matsumoto, Komoro, Takayama and Gujohachiman
Mt. Fuji and its surrounding area (Hakone, Mishima, Fujinomiya and Fujiyoshida)

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