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Keiko HIROSE 【Ms.】
Born as the youngest daughter of a paper craft factory owner in Tokyo, graduated from Keio University.
I’ve been working over 25 years as an interpreter, a tour guide, translator, and sometimes write an article for a monthly magazine reporting artists.
Besides English good command of German and Italian.
My hobby is studying about all kind of performing arts including divine dance (Kagura), Kabuki, Noh and Opera, and doing Yoga, swimming.
Please make your life more dramatic by visiting Japan!
Area of Specialty:
Japanese Culture including art, religions and garden
Tea ceremony, flower arrangement, traditional Japanese music, and cuisines
Ceramics (Special arrangement with top potters if you wish)
Contemporary art and old & modern architectures
Specialized in the field of cultural anthropology such as Sangaku Shugen (Japanese Mountain Religion)
A Licensed flower arrangement instructor
Wine expert officially recognized by Japan Sommelier Association
Recommended places in Japan:
Omotesando, Harajuku district in Tokyo including Nezu Museum
Matsushima islands in Sendai cruising on specially arranged boat
Special temple gardens in Arashiyama and Saga districts in Kyoto
Onta pottery village in Kyushu Island

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