The Core of Japan's Soul
   Ise, Kumano Kodo and Koyasan
8days 7nights The Core of Japan's Soul Ise, Kumano Kodo and Koyasan
Traditional perfectionism in all services
The Ise Jingu Shrines are the most important Shinto shrines in Japan. The Inner Shrine is dedicated to the Sun Goddess, and the Outer Shrine to the Goddess of Harvest and Sericulture.
Kumano Kodo is a pilgrimage trail to Kumano Sanzan, a group of holy sites on the Kii Peninsula.
The trail, which has been designated as a World Heritage site, is lined with sacred antiquities and follows a route along the Kii Mountains.
Koyasan is one of the three most holy Buddhist sites in Japan along with Hieizan of Kyoto and Osorezan of Aomori. It is the head temple of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, established by Kobodaishi (also known as Kukai), and is a treasure trove of the sect, counting 117 Tacchu Temples and over 40,000 cultural properties.


Arrive at Kansai International Airport and transfer to hotel in Osaka.
Stay at selected hotel for 1 night.

Osaka - Wakayama

Transfer to and sightseeing of Mt. Koya in Wakayama.
Stay at Fukuchi-inn Temple for 1 night.

Wakayama - Kyoto

Early morning Buddhist service at the temple (optional)
Transfer to Kyoto.
Stay at selected hotel for 2 nights


Full Day sightseeing of Kyoto, including a Japanese tea ceremony.

Kyoto - Nara - Kyoto

Excursion to Nara, including a visit to Nara Park.
(famous for its deer)
Stay at selected ryokan(Japanse inn) for 1 night.

Kyoto - Mie

Transfer to Uji Yamada via express train.
Sightseeing of Ise.
-Ise Jingu Shrines
-Oharaimachi town / Okage - Yokocho Street
Stay at selected hotel for 1 night.

Mie - Osaka

Transfer to Shingu via express train.
Sightseeing of Nachi & Kumano.
-Nachi Taisha Shrine
-Nachi Falls
-Kumano Kodo trail (World Heritage site)
Transfer to Osaka, and arrive at selected hotel late at night.


Transfer to Kansai International Airport.