NiKi Club
Vividly Recall the Colors and Ambiance of Traditional Japanese  Inn
In the wooded highlands of the beautiful Nasu mountain range, two clear-flowing streams meet, adding their soft chatter to the birdsong and quiet hush of wind-rustled bamboo grass. This idyllic setting was the inspiration for Niki Club, which began as a six-room resort in 1986 and has since grown into a vibrant hub of artistic activity and a gathering place for visitors from around the world.

Tsutsuji (Azalea) Suite (65 sqm)
Vistas of lush green forest spreading before your eyes. The sound of wild birds chirping in the distance. Nasu’s natural beauty informs every detail of our individually designed suites at Niki Club, each offering a home away from home where the experience is both relaxed and intimate.

Address: Takaku-Otsu Michishita 2301, Nasu-gun, Nasu-machi,
Tochigi 325-0303