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In Tokyo, we had first November snow in 54 years. Winter is around the corner.and Year 2016 is coming to an end. Many Japanese go to temples at the end of the year, In each temple, statues of Buddha are enshrined and we specially call great statue of Buddha "Daibutsu" in Japanese. Today we would like to introduce three must-see Daibutsu. Why don't you incorporate visiting Daibutsu into your tours?

The Tallest Bronze Buddha Statue in the World
When you hear the word Daibutsu ("great statue of Buddha" in Japanese), what springs to your mind? You will probably think of the statue in Kamakura, which is highly recommended in every travel guide book. Kamakura's proximity to Tokyo (only one hour by train) makes it a very popular destination for international tourists visiting Japan. By the way, do you know there are much larger Daibutsu within easy reach of Tokyo?

Safety tips
The push-enabled information alerts app "Safety tips" has been launched for foreign tourists. Japan is one of the country which is easy to encounter natural disasters such as heavy rain, volcanic eruption, earthquakes and so on. "Safety tips" which is a push-typed information app for foreign visitors provides weather emergency warnings, earthquake early warnings, communication cards and so on. In order for foreign tourists to prevent natural disasters and enjoy comfort travel in safe, "Safety tips" is useful to get more accurate information in case of disasters. Please see the web site of Japan Tourism Agency on details. "http://www.mlit.go.jp/kankocho/en/page03_000002.html"

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