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While the season of beautiful autumn leaves will come soon in Tokyo, we have already had the first snow of the season in Hokkaido, the northernmost islands of Japan. Today, we are willing to introduce you to recommended ski resorts. These are especially popular resorts as Mecca of skiing among 300 skiing grounds in Japan, which is second only to the US. There are a lot of spots around resorts where even those who don't ski can enjoy. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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Ski Resorts I Recommend
Japan has ski resorts of various sizes both big and small, and the top three prefectures with the most skiing grounds are Nagano, Hokkaido, and Niigata. As for the characteristics of each prefecture, Nagano and Niigata are popular as they are easily accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area and can be visited without hassle, while Hokkaido is world famous for its powder snow of the finest quality. From these prefectures, I'd like to recommend some ski resorts.

 Unforgettable GOLF in Japan!
To enjoy pleasant golf life in Japan, JTB will support the arrangements for Golf Courses, transportation to the course, reservation for hotel accommodation. We would also like to offer splendid moment during your stay, providing Sightseeing, Shopping, Hot Springs and Japanese Cuisine.

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