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Greetings from JTB Global Marketing & Travel! Now that the long rainy season is finaly over, summer we longed for has come! In August, various summer festivals and fireworks displays are held throughout Japan. Today we would like to intorduce two famous "Matsuri" - Japanese-style festivals. Experience our local history, tradition and mentality through "Matsuri"!

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Summer Festival in Japan
Which season do you want to visit Japan? Here is the result of this question by a survey in 37 countries. 1.Spring 72% 2.Fall 64% 3.Winter 52% 4.Summer 46% As you see, summer is the lowest season in popularity. However, I saw the data about satisfaction of people who have been to Japan. Then I notice 75.6% of people were satisfied with Japanese historical / traditional culture. I know that regarding historical / traditional culture, "Matsuri" is one of the most required cultures by foreign people. There are a lot of "Matsuri" in all season but summer is the hottest season for this. So, why don't you visit Japan for it in SUMMER? By the way, do you really know what "Matsuri" is? It's a kind of Japanese-style festival. I would like to introduce you 2 big Matsuri held in summer.

Opening of "FUKUOKA DUTY FREE TENJIN" - Kyushu's first airport-style downtown duty free store -
We are pleased to announce the opening on April 1, 2016 of "FUKUOKA DUTY FREE TENJIN" ("FDFT"), Kyushu's first airport style downtown duty free store (3rd in Japan), located in Fukuoka Mitsukoshi Department Store 9th Floor in Fukuoka City Center. FDFT is an airport style downtown duty free store providing a highly refined shopping environment previously unavailable in Kyushu, stocking a wide range of local specialty products from around Kyushu and Japan, as well as cosmetics, fragrances, watches and bags. Located in the heart of Fukuoka's premier high-end shopping zone, this store allows you to enjoy shopping at leisure during you stay in the city.
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