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As you may be aware by the news on the media, a strong earthquake struck Kyushu Island in the middle of April, 2016. Approx. one month later, the infrastructures and lifelines are getting be restored step by step. Today, we are very pleased to introduce that luxury train "SEVEN STARS" (or "Nanatsu Boshi" in Japanese) which is chartered for JTB's guests exclusively runs through Kyushu Island.

Japan Info
Enjoy a luxury journey on the cruise train "SEVEN STARS" to discover the beauty of Kyushu !!!
This train just departed station of Hakata (Fukuoka City) on 31 May and is now continuing the 3 nights 4 days journey visiting lovely spots of Kyushu Island from the north to the south (the route was slightly modified after the earthquake). The theme of this train is fusion of Japanese and Western design, together with old and new.

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