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GAccess Web Service - XML/API Web Service

GAccess web service provides easier, faster and more flexible access to the GMT's wide variety of contents. Through this service, Online Travel Agents and Travel Suppliers can integrate GMT products and service all the functionality needed to sell travel with your own applications and databases.

Choose the interface for your business

We provide XML API for Hotels, Ryokans (Japanese Inn), Sightseeing (Seat-in-coach, Private) and Transfers (Private and shared).

Easy Set up

Our API service basically follows OTA XML standard schemas (OTA 2010A) with some elements added or eliminated to fit the travel business in Japan. You can start developing as soon as you receive access credentials, technical specification and support documents.

Time Saving

GAccess enables you to integrate our products with your own reservation system and databases so there are no need for training your operation staffs to use our traditional user interface (Genesis2).

Genesis2 - Tour Planning Site for Travel Agents


Genesis2 is an easy to use online booking system for travel agents. Genesis 2 provides access to wide variety of products in Japan from leading international hotel brands to traditional inns (Ryokan) and Seat In Coach tours, private arrangements, transfer services and much more.

Variety of Contents

As Japan's No.1 travel agent, we can provide wider variety of lodgings such as traditional Japanese Inn (Ryokans), tours and transfer services which we operate by ourselves.

For your eyes only

As a Tour operator, we can arrange and register FIT Package Tours just for your eyes only.

Easy Navigation

User friendly interface. Choose from Hotels, Tours, Transfers, private arrangements and just follow your way through.

Instant Confirmation

Instant confirmation with just a click of a button. No waiting for e-mail confirmation replies anymor.


Confirmation vouchers, quotations and itinerary can be downloaded with just one click.

Credit Card Payment

Access to our credit card payment system to avoid any additional cost such as bank settlement.


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