Discover the Volcanoes of Eastern Hokkaido



Mt. Meakan

Mt. Meakan


“Irankarapute”, welcome to eastern Hokkaido!
Irankarapute means “hello” in the language of the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido.) 

Discover the nature of Japan’s northernmost island on a journey through eastern Hokkaido that includes Akan-Mashu National Park. Best known for its three caldera lakes—Akan, Kussharo and Mashu—the national park offers spectacular views of forests, lakes and landscapes forged by volcanic activity. Enjoy a rare opportunity to see volcanic activity up close on this adventure around Kawayu and Akan.

Cycling through the volcanic landscapes of Akan-Mashu National Park is an exhilarating experience, especially the thrilling downhill rides. Local wildlife such as Yezo sika deer and red foxes can be seen along the route. Various bicycles, such as road bikes, fat bikes and e-bikes, are available and a support car is on hand to help with any difficulties. Learn more about Japanese onsen (hot spring) culture at Kawayu Onsen. Created by volcanic activity, the hot springs here have long been known for their healing qualities.

After arriving in the Ainu Kotan area, take on the challenge of hiking up Mount Meakan (1,499 meters), an active volcano known as "Machineshiri" in Ainu. Surrounded by lakes, volcanoes and forests, the mountain’s scenery changes from rich vegetation to volcanic landscapes as you ascend. The approach to the summit reveals the explosion crater and the awesome scale of volcanic activity.

The tour concludes with cycle rides and hikes through secluded forests that are only accessible with a certified guide. Gain a unique insight into the area’s nature and culture from a local Ainu guide.

Enjoy delicious seafood and other delicacies unique to eastern Hokkaido.




Day 1

Arrival at Memanbetsu Airport

Immerse yourself in Japan's unique hot spring culture
Ryokan in
Day 2

Teshikaga- Kawayu ― Kussharo Cycling

Cycle between Lake Mashu and Akan (road bike & e-bike)
Resort Hotel in
Day 3
Akan- Hike up Mt. Meakan hike

Resort Hotel in

Day 4

Cycle around Lake Onneto (fat bike & e-bike)

Resort Hotel in
Day 5

Akan-Transfer to Sapporo