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Trial of the mobile service “Touch ConciergeTM” for foreign visitors


JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. (“JTBGMT”), the JTB group company specialized in Japan inbound business, will work with FREETEL (provided by Plus One Marketing Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer specializing in mobility devices and MVNO service) to offer a new mobile device rental service “Touch ConciergeTM” for foreign visitors of Japan. This service, which will provide data communication with pre-installed apps and websites (please refer to the list below) to assist with their stay in Japan, will start its trial period on the 1st August at the Tourist Information Center of Kansai International Airport.

JTBGMT aims to improve convenience and quality of stay in Japan through the apps installed, based on its long-standing experience as a Japanese leading destination management company (DMC).

In addition, JTBGMT has considered new marketing services for business entities, including individually targeted push advertisements based on the data acquired. It is also planned to expand this service in places where tourists often frequent such as hotels, ryokans and stations.

■ Background ~Expansion of services for guests from around the world~
In JTB’s report “Overview of 2017’s travel market”, the number of inbound travelers in 2017 is expected to reach 27 million people, an all-time high. Mobile devices are must-have items for most foreign tourists to obtain local information. However, the limited communication network for foreigners makes it difficult to obtain the necessary information.

On the other hand, businesses that wish to reach out to travelers have difficulties in sharing their products and services. Many apps have been developed for inbound travelers that are not readily being downloaded, and the language and culture gaps cause problems in welcoming these guests properly. This service aims to bridge the gap between businesses and foreign travelers by providing “convenience during their stay in Japan”, and become a platform of communication.

■ Service Overview
Name: Touch ConciergeTM
Provider: JTB Global Travel and Marketing Inc.

  • Provision of mobile devices and system management: Plus One Marketing Ltd.
  • Operations for mobile device rental: JTB Western Japan, Corp.
  • Customer support: adish Co. Ltd.

Location: Kansai Tourist Information Center Kansai International Airport (Terminal 1)
※ In FY2016, it was visited by approximately 500 thousand visitors
Period of trial: 1st August 2017- 31st October (Scheduled)
Product description:

  • Rental product: Mobile Phone Device (FREETEL REI) + Data SIM
  • Rental Period: Choice of rental between 3 days – 10 days
  • Rental Charge: 1,000 yen a day (Tax not included)
  • Languages available: English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) and Korean.

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