Your base for exploring Osaka, TONBORI BASE Cafe & Info


Located underground in the Nakaza Cuidaore Building, with its iconic “Cuidaore Taro” doll, right in the middle of Dotonbori, Osaka, TONBORI BASE Cafe & Info is an information center/café bar that introduces food and entertainment.

On the digital information panel Tonborigraphy, you can access information on dining and entertainment around Dotonbori, as well as learn through animation about the area’s history as a prosperous theater district and trivia on local food culture. You can also gain information about nightlife such as nightclubs and entertainment theaters.

In the cafe space, you can bring in food bought around Dotonbori. You can sit down and enjoy Dotonbori’s food indoors at ease.

Use TONBORI BASE as your base for exploring Osaka!

For more information and access, please visit here.