JTBGMT won the JATA Diversity Promotion Awards


JTB Global Marketing & Travel (JTBGMT) has won the Diversity Promotion Awards in the JATA President’s Awards for Work/Vacation Reform and Diversity Promotion hosted by the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA).

In order to adapt to the ever-changing inbound market, JTBGMT hosts the most diverse workforce amongst the JTB group. Here, one out of nine employees is of foreign citizenship, and nearly 40% of employees joined the company mid-career. Many female employees return from maternity leaves/childcare leaves and work while raising children. We regard it essential that the needs, values, and lifestyles of each and every employee are accepted, and that our organizations respect these as much as possible.

Towards the Next Stage of Diversity: From the First Stage (Diversity of Human Resources) to the Second Stage (Maximizing the Performance of Diverse Human Resources)

              [Examples of JTBGMT’s Efforts for Diversity Promotion in 2017]

1. Establishment of inter-employee diversity networks such as the “Parent Employee Network,” “Foreign Employee Network,” and “Mid-Career Recruit Network.”

2. Holding communication events with foreign employees taking a central role.

3. Holding Environment Reform Training Sessions for Organization Managers in order to transform the mindsets of the middle management, who will become a key in enabling the diverse employees to perform to their fullest, raising human resources, and reforming the working environment.

4. Introduction of various rules (eg: variable working hours system, telecommuting) in order to promote diversity in workstyles.

5. Holding “GMT Summer Vacation Children’s Visiting Day” and “GMT Family Day” to promote interaction between employees, families, and the company.

6. Reasonable care for handicapped employees in order to enable their further success (eg: introduction of high precision hearing aid)

JTBGMT aims at “diversity & inclusion.” In order to make full use of each and every employee’s diverse abilities and connect them to the organizations’ achievements, the company will gather its forces into one whole and promote its activities to move on to the next stage.