"drift ice walk" activity at Shiretoko area 
   How do you feel if you can see yourself in the middle of beautiful Japanese nature from the sky? 
   Drone can make your dream come true! This movie shows "drift ice walk" activity at Shiretoko area, the northeastern of
   Hokkaido. Drift Ice walk is an extraoridinary experience that enables to walk on the sea with professional guides. You can see the
   participants are walking on the big ice floating in the ocean with a dynamic bird-eye view. Drysuit covers your body as a whole, so no
   need to worry about glacial wind and seawater. It's almost like a being a polar bear or a seal when flooting between huge blocks of
   ices. Drone could be a special tool to capture this only one exciting moments of your unique experience. 
   We, Sunrise tours provide 90 mins of drift ice walking tours for four times a day in a winter seasons at Shiretoko areaEnjoy a
   tranquility of the morning, or a beautiful sunset of the fantastic atmosphere of
   drift ice. The weather changes volumes and shapes of drift ices from every hours, so you can enjoy different magnificant views at any
   We are also planning other drone photography services at major sightseeing spots in Japan. Please let us know your opinions about
   drone movies!