Mt. Fuji Ecotours - Enjoy the rich nature and the local lifestyle -

The majestic Mt. Fuji, the good and old Japanese scenery and the daily lives of the people who live there. These are only a few of what Fujinomiya city, the gateway to Mt. Fuji, has to offer.
Although Fujinomiya city is packed with attractions that are not yet known to many foreign visitors to Japan, the first option for almost all travelers to the city is Mt. Fuji. Their itinerary is often a superficial one, visiting the nearby lake for the full panoramic view of the mountain, going up to the fifth station, buying souvenirs, then returning to Tokyo or Osaka all in one day. This means that you are only seeing a small part of the deep and profound icon of Japan, and that is the last thing you would want to do.
For those planning a visit to Japan, and for those who have already been to Mt. Fuji but would like to visit again, here is an itinerary that is promising of an unparalleling, valuable experience.

1. Mt. Fuji Satoyama Vacation  - Glamping at the base of Mt. Fuji -

This tour visits a camp site scheduled to open this spring in a SATOYAMA, or an undeveloped woodland near the village, overlooking the southwestern foothills of Mt. Fuji. Spending time at a camp site surrounded by majestic mountains is just priceless.
Transportation from the nearest JR Shin-Fuji station (Shinkansen bullet train stop) to the camp site is provided by staff fluent in English, French and other languages. The burdensome experience of setting up tents or making a fire is not necessary in this tour. For dinner, you will enjoy a BBQ using local ingredients. Accommodation will be in bell tents, but toilets and showers will be available in a separate building. 
The morning after your stay, you will be attended by the staff to visit the famous Shiraito Falls, a nearby tourist attraction, to start your day with exposure to an abundance of negative ions.
During your stay, you may choose to join one of the many eco-tours that depart from the camp site. While staying in a pleasant and convenient site, you can also enjoy activities in the rich nature, which is a highlight when camping outdoors. Attending these eco-tours with your family may be an option to avoid the dense crowd.


2. Satoyama Village Cycling Ecotour

Experience an exhilarating cycling tour on a mountain bike through the satoyama at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The tour is mostly downhill following the spring water, so no worries for lack of phisical strength. On the way, you will stop at local shrines, temples, and old local houses. For lunch, you will have handmade soba noodles and tempura made by local mothers.
This tour is full of interaction with the locals, so it is highly recommended for those interested in the daily lives of Japanese people.


In the afternoon, you can visit a sake brewery in spring and autumn (March, October, and November), and in summer, you can play in a river flowing with cold spring water from Mt. Fuji.


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Cycling Ecotour Details (December to February)
・Season: December to February
・Departs: 10:30am
・Ends: 3:30 pm
・Duration: 5 hours
・Group size: Up to 10 people (minimum 2 people)
Bike and helmet rental, soba lunch, bottle of mineral water, visit to sake brewery and tasting, English speaking guide, insurance.

Cycling Ecotour Details (March to November)
・Season: March – November
・Departs: 10:30am
・Ends: 3:30 pm
・Duration: 5 hours
・Group size: Up to 10 people (minimum 2 people)
Bike and helmet rental, soba lunch, water, visit to sake brewery (incl. tasting), English speaking guide, insurance.

JTB Sunrise Tours offers a tour combining 1. Glamping and 2 Cycling Eco-tour, including a round-trip Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo Station. The tour will be launched on March 30, 2021. 

3. Fujinomiya Township and Culture Ecotour


This is a half-day walking tour of Fujinomiya City with a variety of Japanese cultural experiences. Change into kimonos (Yukata in summer) at a kimono shop in the shopping district of Fujinomiya and explore the town whilst a walk to Sengen Shrine. At the shrine, you will learn about the beliefs of Mt. Fuji from an English-speaking guide. Afterwards, the tour will visit a Japanese sweets shop to experience making Japanese confectionery, with a confectioner carefully teaching you step by step. At the end of the tour, enjoy your sweets with a serving of green tea brewed with subterranean water of Mt. Fuji gushing from Fujinomiya Sengen Shrine.
This tour offers a variety of Japanese cultural experiences, and reveals how the people of Fujinomiya live in harmony with Mt. Fuji.


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Ecotour details
・Season: All year round
・Departs: 1:00pm
・Ends: 4:30 pm
・Duration: 3.5 hours
・Group size: Up to 10 people (minimum 2 people)
Kimono rental and fitting, visit to Mt Fuji Sengen Taisha Shrine, Japanese sweets making lesson, Shizuoka green tea tasting, English speaking guide, insurance.


<Access to Fujinomiya Station>


*From Tokyo Station*
2h20mins by Fujikyuko Bus (Yakisoba Express: highway bus)
1h10mins by bullet train to Shin-Fuji Station + 35mins by Fujikyuko Bus (Local bus)

*From Nagoya Station*
1h30mins by bullet train to Shin-Fuji Station + 35mins by Fujikyuko Bus (Local bus)

*From Lake Kawaguchi*
1h35mins by Fujikyuko Bus (Local bus) from Kawaguchiko Station