[Private Tour] March - November Only! Enjoy the Nature-rich Scenery of Mt. Rokko & Mt. Maya! Kobe Nature Tour

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Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, etc.) Walking Tour

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¥20,000 ~ (until Nov., 2021)

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1.Harmony of the history of nature and the people who are full of green. Calm time and a vast panorama to you.
2.It is close, and, in the Mt. Rokko, nature is loved casually as an enjoy spot from the Kobe city area by a citizen and a tourist.
On this tour, a sightseeing spot visits "Mayasan" where spots loved by "Rokko mountain" and local people in stylish atmosphere that becoming it advanced to scatter and introduces each highlight.
The Mt. Rokko was near the area where people lived in from ancient times and existed as the mountain which went to ruin as a result that deforestion advanced for various uses. However, there is concern about the earth and sand disaster to the city area, and large-scale planting begins after the 1900s. After that a forest was protected by many citizen's hands and became able to enjoy a current figure full of nature.

At first, I climb Mayasan using a ropeway and a cable and, on this tour, aim at "Kikuseidai" which can look at the superb view. The view from here opens out towards the sea and can expect it to sea and Akashi Channel shining as well as Kobe city. After having spent quiet time at the old temple with the thing history more than 1,300 years, I move to the Rokko mountain using a bus and enjoy the lunch in a botanical garden and the observation deck cafe. Afterwards, I take a walk through Mt. Rokko while overlooking the superb view from the mountaintop.
We know the history to hide behind in the mountains of Kobe, and let's go for a trip to sense beautiful nature bodily.
3.Wonderful scenery to be able to look around the Osaka plains from Kobe is seen.
I can spend quiet time at a historical old temple.
I can eat a lunch on the mountaintop that can look down at the Kobe city.
In the observation deck using the hinoki, I can see art of the seasonal light.
4.This tour is the private tour that can be reserved from one to six people.
I will not be with an unknown person and can enjoy a tour at own pace.



-09:00 Meeting Window (Tickect office) of the JR Sannomiya Station green
09:30-09:50 20(min) Mayasan (Hoshinoeki Station) It is a beautiful mountain loved to not only the tourist but also the local people.
The spot where there are various outdoor experiences is on the mountaintop and is got close as the indispensable area where nature is felt for the citizen of hometown.
09:55-10:10 15(min) Kikuseidai It is the observation deck which can look at one of the most panoramas overlooking Kansai in Japan.
As for the view that opened out towards the sea, the east can look around the west widely to Akashi Channel from Osaka. Please enjoy a large superb view as you do not finish being satisfied from tip to toe of the view.
10:25-10:45 20(min) Mayasan best temple At the historical old temple which had an open wound for 646 years, it is a power spot of Kobe.
A heart can look at a richly colored Buddha statue calmly in the only temple in Japan which assumes the real mother of Buddha a principal idol. In addition, it is a secret famous place of Kobe where a person from Kobe praises the scenery from the stage of the heavens highly beautifully.
11:15-12:05 50(min) Mt. Rokko (Mt. Rokko His Majesty's inspection stand) The Mt. Rokko is close from the Kobe city and is the mountain which is loved that a citizen and a tourist can touch it naturally casually.
It was in the tourist attraction that represented current Kobe while there being the history with the development due to human hand, and getting over various misfortunes. A lunch will take a break while looking at a superb view in the cafe in the observation deck, Mt. Rokko His Majesty's inspection stand representing Mt. Rokko.
12:20-13:05 45(min) Rokko music box museum It is the museum where a musical instrument is displayed in the automatic performance including the music box. There is the mini-concert in the hall, too and can learn the history, structure from various viewpoints. In addition, I can fully enjoy the tone of the beautiful music box, and it is sure that he/she satisfies your curiosity.
13:15-13:45 30(min) Rokko garden terrace Enjoy it, and a superb view can look around Kobe city and Osaka Bay from the fine-view terrace "terrace of the view" located to 890m above sea level!
In addition, I can enjoy the shopping in various shops from a souvenir of Kobe to stylish accessories. It is one featuring the building unified in the U.K.-like.
14:00-14:20 20(min) Rokko hangs down It is a hexagonal impressive-shaped observation deck made in the image of a droop.
I see it as modern art and endure it, and, as well as the scenery that there overlooks, observation deck itself is enough. Seeing from where, do the photogenic looks have the value of seeing?
-15:00 Rokko Station (Hankyu) dispersal


Remarks:[operator] otomo 〒 113-0033 3-13-3, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo the third floor of Kazutomi Building
[receive 付方法]
Please show a reservation confirmation, the printout document of the reservation reconfirmation email or a mobile terminal screen in a reception desk.
[operation condition/participation condition]
・When it does not arrive at the designated starting place even if it is past 60 minutes from the time when I promised, I consider a tour to be cancellation. (No Show100%)
・Transportation expenses, admission, meal charges, souvenir, experience-based expense (eyes of the cash necessary to a minimum cheap: 5,900 yen/)
[immunity from responsibility, travel schedule insurance: an itinerary, a visit point]
・In the case of rain, some routes are changed the day.
・As a credit card is not available to the visited spots on that day, I would like it without forgetting preparations for cash.
[important points, supplement: meeting/pickup/exchange place]
・Window (Tickect office) of the JR Sannomiya Station green
・The otomo guide waits with the board which LOGO of otomo was written for a mark.
[important points, supplement: a dress code, belongings]
・Please come in mobile clothes.