[Private Tour] Visit a Unique Drinking District! Osaka Bar-hopping Tour

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Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, etc.) Walking Tour

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¥12,500 ~

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1.Let's enjoy night of Osaka! I can taste liquor only in Japan in Namba and Shinsaibashi.
2.The area between Shinsaibashi and Namba is downtown representing Osaka called Minami. A geisha has the origin in gathering entertainment district, and there is the history of several hundred years. When it is night for celebrity as a bar town, people gather from all over Kansai.
On this tour, a guide introduces the well-known store in an alley and the bystreet which only a local person knows.
In the standing bar in the back alley, I can taste the delicious sake that the staff of the shop kept on choosing you. As the apartness with other visitors is near, the conversation with local people becomes lively, too.
I visit the bar in the approach to a shrine of the temple next. In late years the global assessment, please appreciate the Japanese whiskey which has been increasing, too.
I can enjoy the standard ramen as cruising and Japanese hawfinch cooking to look at night cityscape of Minami.
3.In the standing bar where is specialized in sake, I can taste delicious sake at a simple price. I can enjoy the conversation with the staff of the shop and local people.
I can enjoy whiskey from Japan in the bar of the authentic atmosphere.
I can taste night cityscape of Osaka from a ship by the cruising.
4.This tour is the private tour that can be reserved from one to four people. I will not be with an unknown person and can enjoy a tour at own pace.



-18:00 Meeting Osaka Takashimaya 1F tax in proportion to the number of people containing
18:05-18:45 40(min) Look at 立呑; most It is the standing bar where is specialized in sake.
I have a brand of the all over Japan, and local sake enthusiasts gather. That drink sake with a wineglass; can have a rare experience. Please try the snacks which were thought about to match sake.
18:55-19:40 45(min) MALT BAR firewood shop It is the authentic bar in the back alley.
I may give malt bar, and a type of the whiskey is abundant. Please try whiskey only in Japan.
19:45-20:25 40(min) とんぼり river Cruise It is the Cruise ship who can enjoy night scenery of Osaka.
A bridge spans, and how old you are in the Dotombori River is a force perfect score at a moment to come. Let's spend lively time to one hand with favorite liquor.
20:30-21:10 40(min) Kinryu Ramen Dotombori store It is the ramen restaurant that the art object of the huge dragon is outstanding.
When it drank liquor, as for the local person, it is standard to return after eating ramen in this shop. The seat with a tatami mat floor is characteristic and is popular with tourists.
-21:20 Osaka metro Midosuji Line Namba Station dispersal


Remarks:[operator] otomo 〒 113-0033 3-13-3, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo the third floor of Kazutomi Building
[receive 付方法]
Please show a reservation confirmation, the printout document of the reservation reconfirmation email or a mobile terminal screen in a reception desk.
[operation condition/participation condition]
・When it does not arrive at the designated starting place even if it is past 60 minutes from the time when I promised, I consider a tour to be cancellation. (No Show100%)
・Transportation expenses, admission, meal charges, souvenir, experience-based expense (eyes of the cash necessary to a minimum cheap: 3,200 yen/)
[immunity from responsibility, travel schedule insurance: an itinerary, a visit point]
・A spot "MALT BAR firewood shop" is a holiday on Sunday. In addition, in the case of temporary closure, please note that you may perform the change to other spots about other spots.
・A tour fare does not include the eating and drinking costs during a tour, and please be careful as you are paid privately.
[important points, supplement: meeting/pickup/exchange place]
・Osaka Takashimaya 1F tax in proportion to the number of people containing
・The otomo guide waits with the board which LOGO of otomo was written for a mark.
[important points, supplement: a dress code, belongings]
・Please come in mobile clothes.