[Private Tour] Tour of Deep Mountain Temples in Ohara with 1,000 Years of Kyoto History

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Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, etc.) Walking Tour

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¥22,500 ~

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1.Let's enjoy delicious air and beautiful nature in a remote village forest from the downtown!
2.There is Ohara visited by this plan in the village forest taking 1 hour or more by bus from Kyoto Station.
In the scenery of the country where nature which is the same as the old days is left, there are still a lot of temples which, in fact, have history it or more for 1,000 years.
The anecdote only in Kyoto including the House of Land of Happiness expressing a ceiling board, the Buddhists' paradise where a trace of the blood of the samurais who killed themselves for the story and the war period of the woman who escapes there from Kyoto of the war, and became a priest remains is clogged up a lot.
At a place clogged up with the thought of such an old people, what will you who are modern people feel?
I can face own heart slowly on seeing a garden while having Matcha at the temple.
Ohara Sanzen-in Temple is one famous sightseeing area in Kyoto, but when, after all, I perform it, air of it is clear unlike the city, and what I can refresh must be it.
It is the plan that is recommended to you that a heart wants to become calm.
3.I can enjoy particularly beautiful scenery at cherry blossoms (the beginning of April), a hydrangea (June), the time of colored leaves (the mid-November and mid-December).
There is a garden used for famous CM to introduce Kyoto to. This Ohara is recommended if I want to taste relaxed time in Kyoto.
4.This tour is the private tour that can be reserved from one to six people.
I will not be with an unknown person and can enjoy a tour at own pace.



-09:00 Meeting In front of JR Kyoto Station Central Exit (Karasuma Exit) bus ticket center
10:50-12:00 70(min) Sanzen-in Temple There are the seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms, a hydrangea, colored leaves in the large precincts.
The beautiful scenery that the state that bright moss shines in positive light forgets the reality world. Please take a walk through a meaningful beautiful garden to go to visit from the city slowly.
12:05-12:55 50(min) The House of treasure spring The pine of the huge five derivations of 700 years in the garden years old is Riki Osako! Furthermore, it does not just look at the garden to be the highlight, and the popular name "garden of the frame" which chooses a pillar on a frame from a room, and appreciates a garden is one of the pleasure.
Please appreciate it slowly while eating Matcha and a Japanese confectionery.
13:15-13:55 40(min) The Ohara Riverside cafe next neighbor I do not see the charm of Ohara! A lot of delicious vegetables are produced in the village forest where nature which is the same as the old days is left. In the shop which vegetables sommelier possessed in the charm of vegetables opened, let's fully eat a vegetable dish of the local production for local consumption.
14:05-14:45 40(min) Ohara mountain cottage How about the purchase in a grilled dish restaurant added to a spa hotel? As there are the fried experience and footbath cafe taking their ease, I can make the dish about the picture in commemoration of a trip by oneself.
14:50-15:30 40(min) Jakko-in Convent The temple which nestles quietly in the depths of the village forest. It is the place where the heart that a heart of austere refinement, the rust was jam-packed becomes calm. There is a plant feeling the four seasons in the neighboring mountains, gardens a lot, and even anyone may enjoy it anytime.
-17:30 Dispersal in front of the JR Kyoto Station Central Exit (Karasuma Exit) bus ticket center


Remarks:[operator] otomo 〒 113-0033 3-13-3, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo the third floor of Kazutomi Building
[receive 付方法]
Please show a reservation confirmation, the printout document of the reservation reconfirmation email or a mobile terminal screen in a reception desk.
[operation condition/participation condition]
・When it does not arrive at the designated starting place even if it is past 60 minutes from the time when I promised, I consider a tour to be cancellation. (No Show100%)
・Transportation expenses, admission, meal charges, souvenir, experience-based expense (eyes of the cash necessary to a minimum cheap: 4,800 yen/)
[immunity from responsibility, travel schedule insurance: an itinerary, a visit point]
・I gather at Kyoto Station and move with a guide (about 80 minutes). Please note that you wait at the time of the congestion at a bus stop and have time.
・The spot "Ohara Riverside cafe next neighbor" is a holiday on Tuesday. In addition, in the case of temporary closure, please note that you may perform the change to other spots about other spots.
・Because there are many bus transfer, a slope, a way, stairs which are not paved, it is the tour that cannot recommend a wheelchair toward the use.
[important points, supplement: meeting/pickup/exchange place]
・In front of JR Kyoto Station Central Exit (Karasuma Exit) bus ticket center
・The otomo guide waits with the board which LOGO of otomo was written for a mark.
[important points, supplement: a dress code, belongings]
・Please come in mobile clothes.