Japanese food flower play set specially made cow steaming shabu-shabu and north seafood banquet dishes dinner plan

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Hokkaido Meal Plan

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¥7,000 ~ (until Mar., 2022)

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1.It is the cuisine which used ingredients of Hokkaido abundantly.
2.It is located in the basement of JAS Mac Plaza Hotel in the good location of a 5-minute walk from subway Susukino Station in Sapporo-shi.
3.The private room in the shop is purely Japanese made. A seat at a table and the small rise seat surround the fish preserve located in the center in the shop, too; become made.
Please enjoy a meal in an atmosphere of the Japanese-modern-style where graceful Japanese taste and brilliance harmonized with.



17:30-22:00 120(min) Specialite de la maison Cow steaming shabu-shabu and north seafood banquet dishes [important points, supplement: meeting/pickup/exchange place] [important points, supplement: about a meal] Please refer to this.


Japanese food flower play set
An address: 3, Minami-7-jonishi, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido ジャスマックプラザホテル the first floor of the basement
[receive 付方法]
Please show a reservation confirmation, the printout document of the reservation reconfirmation email or a mobile terminal screen in a reception desk.
[operation condition/participation condition]
Please choose adult more than one even at least.
A case and a setting excluded day to call off setting may be caused by facility convenience.
[immunity from responsibility, travel schedule insurance: an itinerary, a visit point]
Please note that the refund when he/she did not participate in visitor's circumstances is not possible at all.
By status, I may not prepare a seat in time you like.
[important points, supplement: meeting/pickup/exchange place]
It becomes the free plan to go to in you to the meeting place.

A place: JAS Mac Plaza Hotel the first floor of the basement flower play set time: Meal start time (meal time 17:30-20:00) when he/she made a reservation

<< store information >>
 An address: 3, Minami-7-jonishi, Sapporo-shi ジャスマックプラザホテル the first floor of the basement access: From subway Susukino Station a 5-minute walk call: 011-513-8110 English-response possible business hours: 17:30-22:00 (last order 21:15) Monday fixed closing day
[important points, supplement: about a child, an infant]
In the case of a companion, please input the number of infants at the time of a reservation in 0-5-year-old infants.
When an infant five years or younger has a meal, I would like order, the local payment in the field.
[important points, supplement: about a meal]
◇Menu "seafood banquet dishes of the specially made cow steaming shabu-shabu and north" hors d'oeuvres (seasonal small dish), structure three kinds, scallop sauteed in butter, the beach boiled hairy crab (the half of the body), cow steaming shabu-shabu, dairy farming chawanmushi using the products of Hokkaido cheese, seasonal tempura, even meal, miso soup, Konomono, dessert (thing of the season)

The menu of the offer may change by the stocking situation of the day in a season.
Additional cuisine, the drink become the payment by customer each person in the field.
Please note that the correspondence of the vegetarian food becomes impossible.
There is an English menu list