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Tohoku (Sendai, etc.) Walking Tour

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①I approach in charm of town of gourmet, nature, history Sendai! I relive history after the age of civil strife!
②Sendai-shi is the Tohoku district in Miyagi's greatest city and is a beautiful town among "Mori no miyako" rich nature which is also called it.
The beginning of development of Sendai is the age of civil strife 400 years ago. Gorgeous culture is brought up by military commander, Masamune Date, and the vigor of the town increases. And I spent long time, and the food culture developed by many people gathering.
However, I experience unprecedented great disaster in the Heisei era. By the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, I suffered crushing damage partly. Still I am beginning to move forward now towards the future while leaving the scratch of the disaster. The state of restoration, the revival to remain in the city lets strong power to live to us feel.
I go round the famous places of such Sendai on this tour in turn from the old spot of the history. Let's taste step of deep Sendai in a day.
③A guide leads you to "the ruins of Sendai-jo Castle" which can experience a virtual castle walk with CG "Zuiho-den Hall" where Prince Masamune is laid in state.
・Zundamochi and Sasakamaboko, the gourmets who want to certainly taste it including the beef tongue are varied. We eat Sendai gourmet, and let's turn around while asking a guide recommendation!
・I learn about earthquake damage and restoration, revival of Japan. 聞 can ask the local guide and staff about a story at the time at the same time to look around display and the damaged facilities.
④This tour is the private tour that can be reserved from one to six people. I will not be with an unknown person and can enjoy a tour at own pace.



09:00- Meeting before Sendai Station center ticket gate information Meeting before Sendai Station center ticket gate information
09:30-10:30 60(min) Zuiho-den Hall It is finally a start of the visiting towns. A visited place is the ground related to Prince father, Masamune Date of Sendai first. The one of the best gorgeous decoration in the whole country is the best part. I will touch the Japanese gorgeous culture at the time.
10:45-11:15 30(min) The ruins of Sendai-jo Castle It is the ruins of the castle of the Dates who ruled the Sendai whole area in around 1600. I can overlook Sendai-cho from the hill. There is not the castle, but can see a state of Sendai-jo Castle at the time now when I use VR! Let's compare the view of old Sendai now.
11:45-12:15 30(min) Sendai morning market mall It is a market spreading out in front of Sendai Station! Fresh seafood, vegetables, a side dish have everything and can taste a certain vigor atmosphere. Please taste the dishes using fresh ingredients of Sendai!
12:40-13:10 40(min) せんだい 3.11 memorial interchange building Under the influence of a tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake generated on March 11, 2011, the coastal area in eastern Sendai-shi suffered big damage. In this hall about earthquake disaster damage and restoration, the revival is displayed. I know fear ろしささを of the natural disaster and can feel the strength of people from the state of the activity for the revival.
13:45-14:35 20(min) Earthquake disaster remains of an ancient structure Sendai City Arahama elementary school It is the elementary school which tsunamis flock to the second floor of the school building, and was damaged. After having become the closing a school, it is released as earthquake disaster remains of an ancient structure conveying a threat and the lesson of the tsunami now. It is the evacuation site of local inhabitants and still plays an important role in those days in the old days. It is actually the valuable spot that can imagine a state at the time at a damaged place.
15:20-15:30 10(min) Sendai Station The last spot is Sendai Station that is a meeting, the dispersal place of this tour. It is a doorway of the Tohoku, and Sendai Station is a station full of the vigor that a lot of people gather by the redevelopment after the earthquake disaster. It is right the spot that can say that it is a symbol of the revival. The area that revival does not yet go ahead through is in the Tohoku, but lets it feel that the northeastern future is bright if I see a state of Sendai Station.


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