At tree trekking & play with snow enjoyment plan (Jozankei departure and arrival) 13:45 of the Jozankei winter

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Hokkaido Experience Plan

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¥3,100 ~

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1.Play with snow a lot of in Jozankei in the suburbs of Sapporo. "The tree trekking" to pass from a tree to a tree along a suspension bridge and a rope is very thrilling!
2.After tree trekking, the play with snow such as sled sliding, tube sliding, the making of snow sculptures is free to play for 90 minutes! You can enjoy powder snow to one's heart's content.
3.It is contents to be able to enjoy play with snow to the customer of the stay easily in Jozankei.



13:45-14:00 15(min) I move by Jozankei tourist association meeting, courtesy car I move from the meeting place by free courtesy car of the operation company.
Please refer to the remarks column [important points, supplement: meeting/pickup/exchange place].
14:00-14:30 30(min) Arrival at the Jozankei farm Tree trekking experience After the arrival at the field, a "tree trekking" experience starts.
It is a thrilling experience to pass with a suspension bridge and a rope between the trees that snow was piled up.
Please refer to remarks column [operation condition/participation condition], [immunity from responsibility, travel schedule insurance: an itinerary, a visit point].
14:30-16:00 90(min) Play with snow (sled sliding, tube sliding, the making of snow sculptures) experience After the tree trekking experience, it is play with snow at the very large site in the local facility.
Please enjoy sled sliding, tube sliding to one's heart's content in the snowy mountains.
16:00-16:15 15(min) The experience-based end It is arrival at Jozankei tourist association, dispersal by courtesy car After an experience, I move by free courtesy car of the operation company.


Hasegawa farm Hokkaido
832, Jozankei, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi
[receive 付方法]
Please show the printout document of a reservation confirmation or the reservation reconfirmation email in a reception desk.
[operation condition/participation condition]
◎A participation condition: The person except the following cannot participate. Please make a reservation after agreement beforehand.
 ・4-65 years old
 ・110cm tall or more
 ・90 kg in weight or less

A case and a setting excluded day to call off setting may be caused by facility convenience.
[immunity from responsibility, travel schedule insurance: an itinerary, a visit point]
It becomes the free action by customer each person at the time of the play with snow after the tree trekking.
Experience-based contents may not be available by weather conditions such as the snow situation partly.
When some refunds occur by the situation, an operation company or a store will inform you later.
In the case of cancellation of operation, a store will inform you by stormy weather. In addition, a judgment of the cancellation may be the day.
When it is cancelled just before the meeting time on that day, transportation expenses, the hotel charges that a meeting costs limit the tree trekking experience burdening you of the customer once per person, and, as for the effectively next play with snow experience (sled sliding, tube sliding, the making of snow sculptures), is free to play at time.
[important points, supplement: meeting/pickup/exchange place]
Meeting time 13:45
Please use meeting place Jozankei tourist association 3, Jozankeionsenhigashi, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi field free of charge courtesy car. The courtesy car may become the sharing with other customers.
Not to make any being late for the meeting time, look into it in you beforehand.
I cannot refund a no show by having been late for a meeting, a no show by the visitor's circumstances.
[important points, supplement: about a meal]
The lunch charges are not included. Take it respectively in the facility.
[important points, supplement: accommodation information]
It takes approximately 60 minutes by car to the center in Sapporo-shi to the meeting place. I recommend what is done in the back night to the Jozankei Onsen district that is a meeting place.
[important points, supplement: a dress code, belongings]
You wear the heavy winter clothing with the waterproofing effect such as the skiwear-proof, and please participate. Please set up a scarf, gloves, the knit hat in addition.
There is a rental of the heavy winter clothing-proof partly in the field. Please offer the rental one desired to a national staff (a rental product: cold protection pants, gloves, boots).
The rental price becomes the local payment of 700 yen per person.