River Terrace Dinner Plan & Maiko Performance at Momiji-ya in Takao, Kyoto

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Kyoto Meal Plan

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¥16,500 ~ (until Sep., 2021)

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1. Dine riverside savoring gourmet Kyoto cuisine while listening to the sounds of the river. This dining venue is 3-5 degrees cooler than the typical temperature in Kyoto, allowing diners to beat the summer heat.
2. Enjoy watching the maiko dance performance while you dine.
3. Customers will enjoy an authentic meal of Kyoto cuisine.
4. The river terrace is roofed, so customers can feel free to book without worrying about rainy weather. In mid-June, customers can also enjoy watching fireflies.



17:10- Depart from Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo Please refer to [Exemptions/Itinerary Guarantee: Itinerary/Destinations] in the Remarks.
18:00- 120(min) Enjoy Dinner on Momiji-ya's River Terrace This building has a great atmosphere, surrounded by green foliage and featuring pure Japanese construction.
Enjoy dining on authentic Kyoto cuisine.                                       
Customers also have the rare opportunity to enjoy talking with maiko girls and taking photos with them.
Please refer to [Important Notes/Supplements: Regarding Meals].
-21:15 Arrive at Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo


Remarks:Conducting Company: Momiji-ya
 Address: 2 Umegahata Nishinohata-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
[Reception Method]
At reception, please show your reservation confirmation sheet, a printout of the reservation confirmation e-mail, or show the e-mail on your mobile device screen to staff.
[Operation Conditions/Tour Conditions]
There are steps towards the river terrace seating. Please be aware that wheelchairs may not be used here.
[Exemptions/Itinerary Guarantee: Itinerary/Destinations]
Depending on operational circumstances, certain tour dates may be canceled, or tour operation may cease entirely.
This is an unguided plan, so please make your own way directly to the meeting location (Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo).
The dining area is roofed, so enjoy dinner at the river terrace even in rainy conditions.
Specific seating may not be reserved.
[Important Notes/Supplements: Meeting/Pick-up/Pick-up Location]
Free Shuttle Bus to Momiji-ya
Pick-up Location: Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo
A free shuttle bus operated by Momiji-ya will be used for the round trip shuttle service from the meeting and tour end location of Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo.
The shuttle service between Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo and Momiji-ya is not included in the tour booking charge.
Additionally, the shuttle bus is shared with Japanese customers. After departing Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo, the shuttle will travel to several hotels in Kyoto City to pick up Japanese customers; however, the meeting and tour end location for Sunrise Tours is Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo only.
Participation from other hotels is not accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
Momiji-ya Main Building Takao-Sanso - 18:00 Start
The meal time is reserved in advance. Please make sure not to be late.
[Important Notes/Supplements: Guide/Tour Conductor]
No accompaniment. Please ride the shuttle bus on your own.
[Important Notes/Supplements: Regarding Meals]
Menu (Sample):
- Starter: White taro stem dressed with seaweed
- Hassun: Jellied water shield and grated yam, plum kanroni (glazed fruit dish), cucumber with moromi miso, kosode sushi, conger eel yawata-maki (burdock root roll), river shrimp, lily bulb cakes
- Sashimi: Japanese sea bass chilled in ice water, mallow, shiraga daikon radish, flowers, perilla leaf, water pepper
- Simmered Dish: Conger pike yawata-maki (burdock root roll), taro corm, purple wheat gluten, simmered egg, aomi daikon radish, maple leaf wheat gluten
- Grilled Dish: Salt-grilled ayu sweetfish, red pickled ginger sprouts, soy boiled giant butterbur
- Mid-dish: Vinegared deep-fried red-spotted masu salmon, pickled bell pepper
- Chilled Dish: Somen noodles, shiitake mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots, egg tofu
- Side Dish: Yanagawa-style paper hot pot, eel, Japanese parsley, burdock root shavings, egg
- Vinegared Appetizer: Parboiled conger pike, Japanese ginger, plum pulp, red tosaka seaweed
- Rice: Ayu sweetfish rice porridge
- Soup: Fish somen noodles, wheat gluten ball, aomi daikon radish
- Dessert: Watermelon
- Pickled Vegetables: Kyoto pickled vegetables
*Menu subject to change depending on seasonal or stock availability.
*The salt-grilled ayu sweetfish will be grilled right in front of the terrace, and brought to the table freshly grilled.
*Vegetarian meals are available and must be requested at the time of booking. Requests made any later may not be fulfilled.
*Additional food and drink orders must be paid for separately at the location.
[Important Notes/Supplements: Facility Information]
Momiji-ya Main Building Takao-Sanso in Takao, Kyoto
2 Umegahata Nishinohata-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Tel: 075-871-1005
[Important Notes/Supplements: What to Wear/Bring]
As seating will be provided at the river terrace, it may be cold depending on the season. Wearing clothing that allows for temperature control is recommended.