[2021] Buddhist Vegetarian Lunch Plan at World Heritage Enryaku-ji (Temple Admission Fees Not Included)

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Kansai (Excluding Kyoto and Osaka) Meal Plan

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¥2,200 ~

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1. Book this plan and enjoy a Buddhist vegetarian cuisine meal for lunch at Enryakuji Kaikan, located within the grounds of the World Heritage Enryaku-ji temple complex in Mt. Hiei.
2. A view of Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake, can be seen from the restaurant on clear days.
3. With 1,200 years of history, the temple complex of Enryaku-ji surrounded by rich nature may also be visited on this plan.



11:30- Meet at Enryakuji Kaikan
11:30-13:00 60(min) Buddhist Vegetarian Cuisine Meal The reserved meal start time must be between 11:30 and 13:00.
12:30-14:00 Plan ends after the meal After the meal, please head to your next destination on your own.


Remarks:Conducting Company: Hieizan Enryakuji Kaikan
 Address: 4220 Sakamoto Honmachi, Otsu-shi, Shiga Prefecture
[Reception Method]
At reception, please show your reservation confirmation sheet, a printout of the reservation confirmation e-mail, or show the e-mail on your mobile device screen to staff.
[Exemptions/Itinerary Guarantee: Itinerary/Destinations]
This is an unguided plan, so please go to the meeting location on your own.
The meal time will be reserved in advance. Please make sure not to be late for the reserved time.
To get to Enryakuji Kaikan, customers must pay admission fees to the Enryaku-ji temple.
At the Enryaku-ji entrance, please pay JPY 1,000 per adult, JPY 600 per middle high or senior high school age child, and JPY 300 per elementary school age child (as of Feb. 25, 2020).
Depending on operational circumstances such as when festivals or memorial services are held, certain tour dates may be canceled, or tour operation may cease entirely.
[Important Notes/Supplements: Meeting/Pick-up/Pick-up Location]
By the front desk at Enryakuji Kaikan / 11:30
Customers interested can use the free shuttle bus from Otsukyo Station on the JR Kosei Line.
If interested, please inform us of this when booking.
Shuttle Bus Meeting Location: Near 7-Eleven in front of Otsukyo Station on JR Kosei Line
*It is not Otsu Station on the JR Biwako Line. Please come to the correct location.
*Same-day Emergency Contact: 077-578-0047
*Shuttle service is not covered on this plan.
[Important Notes/Supplements: Regarding Meals]
Menu: Hiei Gozen set meal
Hassun (julienne sliced kombu, shredded daikon, pickled daikon radish, kidney beans), mukozuke (konjac sashimi dressed with vinegared miso), mixed dish (simmered mountain dish and seasonal vegetables with Kyoto-style wheat gluten), iguchi (Hiei sesame tofu), hot pot (individual size hot pot of kumiage (fresh) tofu and vegetables), rice (locally sourced white rice), soup (Hiei yuba (tofu skin), Japanese honeywort)
*Menu is subject to change.
Additional food and drink orders must be paid for separately at the location.
[Important Notes/Supplements: Facility Information]
Enryakuji Kaikan
Address: 4220 Sakamoto Honmachi, Otsu-shi, Shiga Prefecture (within Hieizan Enryaku-ji temple grounds)
Access: 8 min on foot from Cable Enryakuji Station
Tel: 077-578-0047