Shrine Experience in Japanese Wear

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Kyushu Walking Tour

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1. Take a guided tour around Kumamoto Suizenji Garden, one of Japan's most famous gardens.
2. At Kokindenju no Ma, from where the garden can be viewed at its most beautiful, enjoy some matcha green tea made with rich underground water as well as Japanese sweets.
3. At Izumi Shrine, enjoy wearing traditional Japanese clothing and go on a shrine culture experience to see what it's like as a Shinto priest.
4. At the approach to Suizenji, enjoy some of Kumamoto's very own local food.
5. About Infection Countermeasures:
- Guides and assistants conduct health checks, and wear face masks throughout the tour.
- Infection countermeasures are in place at tour destinations.
6. This tour promotes Eco-friendly efforts and Cross-cultural Understanding as stated under Sunrise Tours' Sustainable Development Goals.
Please check the following page for details.



12:20-12:30 10(min) Meet in front of Kumamoto City Hall Front Entrance Please show your reservation confirmation sheet at reception. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the departure time.
12:30-13:00 30(min) Board a Tram Take the tram from Torichosuji Station to Suizenji Park Station.
13:00-13:15 15(min) Suizenji Food Tasting At the approach to Suizenji, enjoy some of Kumamoto's very own local food.
*Gourmet choices available on the day will be provided. Advance requests are not accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
13:15-13:30 15(min) Yusuitei Enjoy displays related to Higo-Hosokawa culture at this facility newly opened in 2021.
There are many rarely seen articles on display, such as a saddle, bow and arrows used for horseback archery with a history of more than 1,000 years; 70 cm round trays featuring the charm of nature; and a tray-landscape foundation stone, a traditional art using stone and white sand over a wooden board.
13:30-14:10 40(min) Matcha Green Tea Experience Sip some matcha green tea and taste traditional Japanese sweets in a tatami room in Kokindenju no Ma, a Japanese-style building designated as an important cultural asset, and offers the most beautiful garden view from within Kumamoto Suizenji Garden.
*Shoes will be removed before the matcha green tea experience, so please be sure to bring or wear socks.
14:10-14:30 20(min) Change into Japanese Clothing Change into Japanese clothing.
The shrine maiden costume and kimono have different changing room locations.
Shrine Maiden Costume: at Izumi Shrine Office; for females 140-175 cm in height
Kimono: at Wa Collection Mito; for males, children under 12 years old, and females shorter than 140 cm or taller than 175 cm
Please prepare a white T-shirt or a white long-sleeved shirt to wear underneath the Japanese clothing.
14:30-15:30 60(min) Shinto Priest Experience Wear traditional Japanese garb and go on a shrine worship. After listening to explanations about Shinto priesthood and how to worship at a shrine, make your way to the shrine, take a stroll, and experience a sense of sacredness. After the experience, customers will do a purification rite, ritual prayer, and tamagushi offering (Shinto offering made from sakaki tree branch) that they learned to pray for safe travels.
15:30-15:50 20(min) Return the Japanese Clothing Return the Japanese Clothing
15:50-16:30 40(min) Kumamoto Suizenji Garden Stroll Take a guided tour around the garden of the Hosokawa clan, once the lords of the Kumamoto domain. As the large pond has spring water, it appears perfectly clear, and has been cherished by the local people of Kumamoto since ancient times.
Listen to the guide's explanations and take a fortune slip. Feel free to purchase charms as well.
*Charges for charms are not included in the tour booking price.
-16:30 Tour Ends The tour ends at Kumamoto Suizenji Garden. Feel free to enjoy a stroll in Kumamoto Suizenji Garden even after the tour has ended.


Remarks:Planning Company: JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc.
Address: 2-3-14 Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Japan Tourism Agency Registered Travel Agent (No. 1723)
A member of the Japan Association of Travel Agents
[Reception Method] 
At reception, please show your reservation confirmation sheet, a printout of the reservation confirmation e-mail, or show the e-mail on your mobile device screen to staff.
[Operation Conditions/Tour Conditions]
- If the minimum number of participants (3) is not met by 7 days before the scheduled date, the tour on that date may be canceled.
- The shrine maiden costume is only available for those with a height of 140-175 cm. Those who are shorter than 140 cm or taller than 175 cm will be wearing a kimono instead. Thank you for your understanding.
- The tour will proceed even in case of rain.
- To prevent infection, please participate wearing face masks.
- On the day of the tour, a health check will be conducted. Those who do not feel well may not be allowed to participate.
- The above are subject to change depending on the infection status. Please be sure to follow the guide's instructions.
Please check the following for the most up-to-date information.
[Exemptions/Itinerary Guarantee: Itinerary/Destinations]
- Itinerary locations and itinerary order may be changed depending on weather conditions and operating conditions of locations to be visited. Even when changed, the tour charge will not be refunded.
[Important Notes/Supplements: Meeting/Pick-up/Pick-up Location]
in front of Kumamoto City Hall Front Entrance / 12:30
immediately accessible on foot from the City Hall bus stop for route buses, or the Kumamoto Castle/City Hall tram stop.
[Important Notes/Supplements: What to Wear/Bring]
- Please participate in shoes and clothes which are easy to walk in. At Kumamoto Suizenji Garden, shoes will be removed before the matcha green tea experience, so please be sure to bring or wear socks.
- Please prepare a white T-shirt or a white long-sleeved shirt to wear underneath the Japanese clothing.