[Virtual Tour] Mt. Takao Tengu Legend & Tama Highlights Tour Led by Local Expert with National Guiding License (1st Session, From 10:00 JST)

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1. On this virtual tour, visit Mt. Takao and the Tama district where traditions backed by the folklore of tengu--supernatural beings known to have avian characteristics and a red face with a long nose--live in the modern world. Enjoy the sight of traditional Japanese culture--temples and shrines, textiles, maiko (apprentice geisha), and more--as they exist in combination with the modern age.
2. Participating is easy! Download Zoom on your device (smartphone, PC, etc.) in advance, and once it is time to start, click on the designated URL, and enjoy the tour online.
3. This virtual tour is led by a National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter in real time. In order to make it so that participating customers feel as if they are strolling around, you will be shown pre-recorded tour footage while a knowledgeable National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter with a hospitable heart provides explanations for sightseeing spots and Japanese culture. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to mention them to the guide right then and there!



10:00- Icebreaker The guide will give a self-introduction and engage in exchange with customers.
Following that there will be a general explanation on Japan, as well as an explanation of the legend of tengu, the regional guardian deities in esoteric Buddhism.
Mt. Takao Cable Car In the video, the tour will go up Mt. Takao with its beautiful autumn leaves in an ambient cable car.
At this point there will be an explanation on the history of Mt. Takao itself.
Mt. Takao Yakuo-in Temple The tour will travel around the grounds while giving an explanation of the religious views of Japan.
A tengu just might make an unexpected appearance.
There will be an explanation on the artistic Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, which serves as meals for ascetic monks.
Descend Mountain (Mt. Takao Chairlift) The tour will show the view of the beautiful autumn leaf scenery and a sweeping view of the Tama district from the chairlift.
There will then be an explanation of the next destination of the textile museum and the geisha experience.
Textile Museum & Shop Watch a textile craftsman as they work and are interviewed to see how textiles are made and sold.
Geisha Experience Watch the geisha performance and virtually experience maiko culture that exists in the modern era.
Enjoy the harmony of traditional music and dance iconic to Japan.
-11:00 Q&A Session Customers will interact with Japanese culture and more via questions about the tour.


Remarks:Planning Company: JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc.
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- This tour is a virtual tour via Zoom. Please note that this is not a live broadcast of an actual tour/from sightseeing spots.
- Please download Zoom on a smartphone or computer beforehand.
- The Zoom URL will be sent to the email address entered during booking 1-7 days prior to the tour.
*Use of the login URL is limited to customers who have made a booking.
- On the day, the National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter will be on standby 10 minutes prior to start. Customers are recommended to connect early.
- Customers may not be able to participate once 30 minutes have passed following the start of the tour. Thank you for your understanding.
- There may be a change of time, etc. depending on signal conditions on the day or other reason. Thank you for your understanding.
- There will also be a question and answer session. Please feel free to say something.
- The video and guide may be difficult to hear. Customers are recommended to participate in a quiet location.
- If the minimum number of participants (1) is not met by 1 month before the scheduled date, or due to other operational management circumstances, the tour on that date may be canceled.
Regarding Using Zoom:
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- The tour may be recorded to improve quality. Thank you for your understanding. *The recording is not publicized online.
[Important Notes/Supplements: Flow of Tour Participation]
[From Booking to Day Prior (or 1 Hour Prior to Tour on the Day)]
 (1) Book virtual tour
 (2) Zoom URL is sent to email address entered during booking
*The email subject line will be " Japanese Folklore Tradition in a modern city ".
[Day of Tour] 
 (1) Connect to Internet
 (2) Click on sent Zoom URL
 (3) Enjoy a virtual tour with online conversation with the guide and tour video of sightseeing spots on Zoom.
*In the event that the email with the Zoom URL does not arrive, please contact the agent that handled your tour booking.
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This tour may be booked for a private group. Feel free to use this service for travel, training, teaching, etc. as part of international exchange. Please make an inquiry to the following regarding charter fees and available dates.