Private Tour - All Must-see Spots in Asakusa

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Take a tour around Asakusa, where traditional culture remains, as well as must-visit spots within the surrounding area.
Asakusa is one of the country's popular spots representative of Japan, and is bustling with travelers from within the country and abroad. See the iconic, giant, red paper lantern; large, beautiful temples and shrines; and a shopping street where Japan's traditional culture is palpable.
The Asakusa we know today began with the completion of the Senso-ji Temple in the 7th century. The town was developed to accommodate the many visiting worshippers, and the surrounding area became home to an array of establishments such as restaurants, shopping streets, amusement centers, and more. From the Edo Period (1603-1868), it became the nexus of the people's culture, and developed even further until it transformed into a popular place that keeps up with the times.
Modern-day Asakusa is a town that breathes culture and history, retaining shops and facilities as they were from the time they began. Leading-edge attractions of times past continue to fascinate people of today in this deeply profound town. A private tour guide will introduce customers to all the charms of Asakusa.
- Take photos with one of Japan's sightseeing landmarks, a giant paper lantern, as the backdrop.
- Take a stroll along streets lined with old structures and get to know Asakusa's history and Japan's traditional culture.
- Gaze out at the district of Asakusa from an observation terrace.
- Walk around Kappabashi, Japan's famous kitchenware town, and take a look at popular items such as food replicas, kitchen knives, and more.
- Take the journey a step further to the base of Tokyo Skytree, which boasts Japan's tallest structure, and feel its towering glory.
- This tour promotes Eco-friendly efforts as stated under Sunrise Tours' Sustainable Development Goals.
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10:00- Meet at Asakusa Station (G19, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) Exit 1 Asakusa Station (G19, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) Exit 1
10:05-10:20 15(min) Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center This is no ordinary tourist information center. The observation terrace on the top floor overlooks Asakusa, making it among the popular sightseeing spots. This is the only place offering a bird's eye view of this district where there are many low, historical buildings. Behold this precious scenery.
10:25-10:35 10(min) Kaminarimon Gate This massive gate is adorned with a gigantic paper lantern, a symbol of Asakusa. Seen in various places, the lantern has become a symbolic icon of Japan sightseeing. Kaminarimon Gate is always bustling with many people, and is a popular spot for taking photos. Feel free to take a photo to remember your Japan trip by.
10:40-11:00 20(min) Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street Take a stroll around Asakusa's most bustling shopping spot. Shop for souvenirs such as ninja or geisha merch, kimono, folding fans and more, and enjoy tasting Asakusa specialties such as deep-fried manju.
11:05-11:10 5(min) Hozomon Gate This gate houses important treasures of the Senso-ji Temple. Don't miss the powerful Kongo Rikishi statues set up on each side of the gate. This is a recommended spot to see the resplendent, majestic combination of the Hozomon Gate and five-story pagoda up close.
11:15-11:30 15(min) Senso-ji Temple Built in the 7th century, this is Tokyo's oldest temple. To this day, Asakusa continues to develop with Senso-ji Temple at its core, and remains a fascinating destination visited by many. Visitors can fully enjoy Japan's unique culture experiences such as with fortune slips and charms.
11:35-11:45 10(min) Asakusa Shrine This shrine is famous for the Sanja Matsuri, one of Tokyo's three greatest festivals. While shrines and temples are different religious facilities, the Asakusa Shrine has a deep connection to Senso-ji Temple. Enjoy the tale of Senso-ji Temple and Asakusa Shrine, the beginning of the development of Asakusa.
11:50-12:10 20(min) Asakusa Kingyo Goldfish scooping, a staple of Japanese festivals, can be enjoyed at this shop all year round!
Try your hand and see how much of the beautiful goldfish you can scoop.
Aside from goldfish scooping, cute products in goldfish motif are also a must-see.
12:15-12:30 15(min) Denbo-in Street This street is lined with specialty stores in old buildings rich in personality. Enjoy a stroll where the atmosphere feels different from modern day. There are also anecdotes only known here in Asakusa, where the culture of the masses thrived. Even just walking around is a delight in itself!
12:35-12:40 5(min) Hoppy Street Lay your eyes on rows of establishments selling sake at reasonable rates. There are tables and chairs set up outdoors. Get a glimpse of rare, food-cart-style izakaya.
12:45-13:10 25(min) Kappabashi Kitchenware Town This shopping street is lined with an array of stores specializing in kitchen knives, tableware, food and drink utensils, and many more. It gained attention among travelers for its chef's knives as well as food replicas, which have garnered popularity and undoubtedly become a part of Japanese culture. Behold quality items made by artisans for artisans. You're sure to find the perfect souvenir!
13:30-13:55 25(min) Tokyo Skytree (Exterior) Opened in 2012, this is Japan's tallest structure boasting a height of 634 meters. This is also the world's tallest tower. The area near the tower is thriving as the Tokyo Skytree Town, lined with commercial facilities, sightseeing facilities, and office buildings. This tour visits the 4th floor Sky Arena, offering views from right on the base of the Skytree.


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- This tour does not include admission tickets to Tokyo Skytree.
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- Asakusa Station (G19, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) Exit 1
- The otomo Inc. guide will be waiting holding a board with the otomo logo as an identification marker.
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